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Volleyball/I'm early for my approach + the ball keeps missing my hand!



I play every position, but my main position is a opposite/DS. My coach likes putting me as backrow because I'm a good passer and rarely puts me as oppo because i start my approach too early and don't get a very strong hit. Also, sometimes when I go up to hit, the ball hits my wrist. Can you give me any tips on how to get my timing down and how to stop hitting my wrist?

Thank you!

P.S. I'm right handed.

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It's great to hear from you tonight.  Let's get to it.

PART I:   If you're early, then you have to wait longer before you start your spike approach.  (Now, is when you say, "Duh Coach Houser!")  Yes, it's easy to say, harder to implement.  Here is what I have been doing with players during my private lessons:  Do your spike approach, jump, BUT instead of hitting the ball, catch it with both hands as if you're getting a rebound....and 99% of the time, a vball player is RIGHT on time!  Well, then, the only thing you have left to do is to drop your left arm  and snap your right wrist. Done!  You've hit a vball, and (a) you should be right on time AND what's even better (b) you'll have a fully extended right arm, and (c) you'll be jumping from the right other words, the ball will be in front of your body, and not to your right/left/behind/infront of you.  

Part II:  Now, let's get after the ball hitting your wrist.  (a) The majority of the time, a spike that missed a hitter's hand is b/c of lack of reps. Yep, I know many 8th & 9th graders who say what you're saying:  "I keep mishitting the ball," but I know very few 11th and 12th graders who say that.  Now...for the other people:  Yes, there are a few people who (b) just don't watch the ball long enough.  This happens to hitters, but this can also happen to servers and passers as well.  And it happens even more to blockers!  :)   Yep, blockers have been known to blink, squint...even duck.

I hope this helps some.  If you have more questions, please contact me here or at  Also, club tryouts are probably coming up soon.  If you need to know what age you must play at for 2014, or the websites for the tournaments on the east coast, please visit me at

Hope you're having a great week!
Coach Houser  


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