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Volleyball/What do these #s mean? Block Reach? Apprach Reach?


my daughter took some private lessons from a college coach and she took her vertical jump measurements and I just got the results, she said her block jump is 17 and her approach jump is 22, what does that mean, 17 what and 22 what????? lol

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Even though I wasn't there to watch -- and some coaches do these measurements a differently than others -- here is what these #'s usually mean.

First:  Imagine that your daughter is standing with both arms in the she's in an old gangster movie and the bad guy just said, "Stick 'em up!"   Now, how high she reaches would be her Standing Reach.  For example, let's say your daughter is 5'6"....a typical standing reach for someone 5'6" would be 7'0"...or course, it will vary some depending on the length of her arms.  

Now to the numbers that you gave me.  OK, the 5'6" girl walks to the vball net, and simulates a block.  According to the coach, she is reaching 17" higher at the peek of her jump than when standing.  So, the 5'6" girl's Block Jump would be 7'0" + 17" or 8'5".  (Feet & inches is the typical way of writing it.  The majority of coaches care more about how high an athlete can reach, than how many inches she can jump.  

Next:  When she does her spike approach, the coach says your daughter can reach 22" higher than when she is standing.  So, go back to the 5'6" girl, her Approach Reach would be 7'0" + 22" or 8'10".  

Does that help some?  If you have any more questions, please contact me anytime.  I'm approaching the end of my camp season (9 done, 2 more to do!!), so I may not be as quick in answering as I would like.  

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