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Volleyball/Why can't I find videos of volleyball hitters using the armswing that you recommend


I have read alot of what you have written on arm swing and loading your arm (ie. reaching high and bringing arm straight back vs. bringing arm back in bow and arrow and firing the shoulder) I understand the rationale for your method (less athleticsm, promotes hitting the with stright arm at higher point, less stress on shoulder) but it seems when I look at videos on youtube of olyumpic / pro volleyballers hitting they all use the bow and arrow method as per this link....     I assume its becasue they can generate more power   

Can you find any videos of some of these elite volleyballers using your method?

Hey Vince!

First:  I'm sorry I haven't addressed this question.  I didn't even know you had asked anything until a got a note from AllExperts.  If you ever don't hear from me within a few hours, plz email me at  

Now to your question!   No, you won't see the easier, more efficient arm swing when you want pro, Olympic, high level college vball.  Maybe one reason is generating more power; however, many athletes that I work with use their wrist, forearm and abs to generate powere....and it works just fine. But the reasons that I usually tell people are:  

a) These athletes were usually very tall for their age, and so they never needed to reach as high as possible when hitting.  
b) They dominated in middle school, high school, club vball, etc.  They had very little reason to change what was working so well.  (This is what allowed my 5'6" stepd to play front row in D1.....the other girls could no longer dominate with the techniques they had "learned" in school & club)
c) They are such high level athletes, they can execute whatever bow&arrow, behindtheback haha, etc. technique that they're taught.  Meanwhile, most athletes cannot.  
d) I think very few coaches realize that when a hitter limits his/her elbow movement, then the easier hitting becomes, the fewer mistakes are made, etc.   

I've been in touch a lot recently with your friend Sandy. At 40 years old, she says she has made a few changes in her serving & hitting swing that have created wonderful results.  Thank you for sharing with her the video I sent you.  

I hope that it's a great day!  Please contact me anytime I can do anything for you!  And please don't wait to hear from me again.   :)  



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