I have a sister in about 3/4th grade

She is not been in vball previously

The season at her school is ending and they have tryouts for fall and she Tried out and was accapted

She was getting her unifor & to my surprise it consists of spandex shorts kind of tight (as in fitted but not overly tight)

and a long jersey that covers her shorts (as in length/size)

I am wondering whats ur opinion on her wearing spoandex at her age
Is it ok ? why fitted/tight shorts is it any tips on wedgies (if happen but donesnt look like might happen)\

Also about her JERSEY:

Why cover up her shorts ? is bad weird etc to look pantless (cause big on her) what to do about it ? pantless will people thingk she is bottomless ? thnx

Hello Amanda!  
Welcome to www.allexperts.com.  It's great to hear from you!!
I have a one question for you:  
Did you say she's in the 3rd grade?  or 4th grade?  I didn't understand 3/4th.

Spandex is what 99% of vball girls wear.  The only girls who don't wear them some girls who are religiously conservative, or girls who live in areas where no girls play travel vball and/or no girls know the latest girls' vball fashions.  (I hope that wasn't disrespectful, but that's my experience.)  

Analogy:  I guess girls who don't wear spandex live in the same area where boys still wear very short basketball shorts.   

Amanda, spandex shorts are normal.  If you think they are too tight and too immodest, I think you will discover that for a 8 to 12 year old, they're fine.  Spandex shorts become more attention-grabbing as girls get older b/c the girls bodys are more mature + the shorts seem to get shorter.  But, except for a few conservative people, all the parents/coaches/boys/fans just become accustomed to spandex shorts.  Just like we get used to the tiny swim suits that competitive swimmers wear.  

Now, as for the jersey being long, that IS unusual.  No, a jersey isn't supposed to cover a vball player's shorts.  (No, people won't think she isn't wearing shorts.  Don't worry about that.)  A jersey that is too baggy, too big, too long, etc. isn't attractive in 2015; thus, is very very rare. In addition, neither female coaches nor moms want the girls being embarrassed and looking out-of-fashion.  The only explanation I can come up with is that your sister is small for her age AND the jersey she was given was one of the only ones left.   Solution:  I would have your sister ask the coach:  "Is there a smaller size?" If the answer is no, then maybe search on Ebay for the exact same jersey that will fit her.  Another option: tell me the company that makes it, send me some pictures of it, and I'll see if I can ask a vball specialty story or the manufacturer if they have a few more!  (Please get your parents' permission to send me pics at coachhouser@yahoo.com)  

I hope that I've answered all your questions.  
If not, or you now have more questions, please follow up here or email me.

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Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you!
Coach Houser


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