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I would like to ask question about the block. For example a smasher of team A smash the ball is blocked by the blocker of Team B. But to avoid the block the smasher try to hit the ball out side the court area by touching the blockers hand. Actually the ball touched the blockers hand so slightly that the first referee even did not know. As the ball hit the ground outside the court area. The first referee signal the ball out and award the point to the opponent(team B). Now the players of team A argue that the ball touches the blockers hand we should get the point.In the mean time,second referee suo moto from his side signal touch the blocker. The first referee did not even asked  to the second referee. So my question is that whether second referee can give such decision if the first referee did not consult him. I think to see the action on the upper part of the net in not comes under the perview of second referee. So please explain me in this regard.

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What you've described probably happens about once a match.  Here's what the rule book says.

a) The R1 is the head referee makes all final decisions.
b) The R2 assists the R1. If the R1 believes that he has the call right, he doesn't have to speak to the R2 about it.  This may seem wrong, but in the situation you described, the R1 is probably thinking, "I saw the play clearly.  There was no touch."  
c) If the R1 and R2 have different opinions, the R1 makes the decision.

Example:  I was R2 recently in a match.  I saw a net violation, blew the whistle, made the call.  The R1 blew his whistle, waited and few seconds before making a signal.  I thought he was going to overrule me, which would have been fine.  Finally, he agreed with my call. It was unusual, but legal.  If the R1 had disagreed, he would have signaled for a replay.  No problem!  

One more thing:  We are so fortunate to play a sport where only a few calls can be argued, and a referee almost never has a big impact on the match.   My team played about 150 sets in 2015, and a referee had no impact on any of them. We've played 70 this season....same thing.  The players have decided the outcome of every set.  :)   Sure, there had been a net call at 24-25, and there has been a double contact called at 25-26; but, if we had played better, we could have already won by the time the referee made the call that we disagreed with.  So no complaints.  

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QUESTION: My question is that R2 in on the ground to see the action on the ground and lower part of the net. The R2 stand on the higher to see the the action on the upper part of the net. So R1 can judge best what happen on the upper part of the net because he can see it clearly than R2. Vision of R2 on the upper part of the net may be doubtful.So if the R1 has decided the the ball has not touch the blockers hand and did not consult the R2 , the decision of R1 will stands final or not. Modification of decision of R1   basing on the decision of R2 how much accepted here? My question is that who is the best judge to see the action on the upper part of the net. The decision of R2 on the upper part of net is acceptable or not. Is it not just like the main Umpire give the decision of Stumped out in cricket. Explain me briefly and clear my doubt.

Good morning from the USA!

Yes, the decision of the R1 would be final.  No debate & discussion necessary.  Also, if the team that disagrees files a protest, it will fail.  This is judgement call, and if the R1 thinks there was no touch, then the decision is final.

Modification of decision:  That is at the discretion of the R1.  If the R1 is 100% sure of his call, he will ignore the R2.  I see it nearly every weekend.  If the R1 isn't sure, he may ask the R2 to come to him and they will discuss it.  

I don't think I can clear your doubt.  Each situation is unique.  AND each referee is unique. I am not familiar with cricket, but what you described may be similar to some soccer situations:  Will the head referee ask one of the other referees for help on certain calls?  If the head ref is 100% sure, then no he won't ask for help.  If he's screened and/or not 100% sure, then will ask for help.  

I hope this assists you slightly.  I'm sorry that I don't have a definite answer to your question.

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