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In your opinon, how did the rule of rotation get introduced into volleyball?
For safety? Fairness?

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In my opinion and being a school coach as well, volleyball as well as other sports are never really "set" in their ways of how it would be played. The rules will change for many reasons and in volleyball they include safety, fairness, player check role accountability, rule simplicity, and play simplicity. The rules will continue to be updated to solve any weak areas in the game of volleyball or any other game.

Defense helped shaped the safety part of rotation as well as where each front row player can be where and what back row player can actually hit and from where in the back row. By this of course I mean where the following players should be at all times like the left front player, middle front etc. This helped control the game of volleyball from becoming "Jungle Ball" and having three people hitting the ball at the same time. Rotation definitely played a large part here.

In 1984 I started studying serving and started with what today they call a sky ball, which is what I called it back then too but I am not saying that I invented it. Today I have 31 types of serves that helped me create the first ever 100 level Volleyball Serving competition E-book. Why tell you this. If you have an excellent player that can serve in ways that players are not used to receiving or getting used to that serve it would be very unfair for the other team. In middle school I had a player that served the Mexican side arm serve which no middle school player could pick up. Unfortunately that doesn't win championships alone. Rotation in serving covered the fairness part without actually stating that it was for that reason.

Player Check Role Accountability
As the offensive systems grew from a 4-1, 6-2 and 5-1 as well as the defensive strategies grew, referees had difficulty keeping up with player role check responsibilities. As you know Referees do player check-ins at every start of the games for that and other reasons and sometimes the players are out of rotation or the referees need to re-check the rotation of new players coming in and so this can become a small but unfair problem for the opposing team. In this area rotation becomes a fairness issue.

Rule Simplicity
Referees come in many ages, some with better judgments and some with superior eyesight in which they may call a rule violation that they can only see ( ha ha). We do need to improve the way we use judges to call line and tip balls from players that are asked to perform these duties yet they are hardly ever trained. Fairness again is an issue here.

Play Simplicity
Offensive Attack Systems have not changed that much over the years but play selection has. It has been hard for referees to keep up with some plays and often have to come back and replay the serve. This becomes an unfair issue for those teams who have awesome plays. I have created 26 volleyball offensive attack system all with over 6,000 play combination using all back row and front row players. This will be a nightmare for defenses but  delight for referees to keep track off. Rotation in this area is not an issue here.

Rules will keep changing to make the game of volleyball more exciting, safer, fair and most importantly entertaining enough for future volleyball players that come in with competition to new and more exciting sports out there. FIVB updated the Libero in 1998, the serve in 2000, 2004 the Libero could serve for woman in NCAA women's volleyball game but only for a specific rotation. The rule book has been updated in 2008 for points and FIVB has released the updated 2009 version.
For these reasons and in my opinion, rotation was created more for the overall fairness and improvement of weak possible areas or controversial areas in the game of volleyball.

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