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Volleyball/2, 2, 2... What?


vollyball#24 wrote at 2013-01-19 22:20:50
a 2 means middle

a 4 means outside

and a c means to go behind the setter

hope it helps!!!

my coach uses these terms a lot too


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Steve Hagenlocher


I am a Division I women`s vollegball coach. I have been coaching at the college level for the past eleven years. I am also teaching and coaching at the high school level and I have been doing so for the past sixteen years. In my spare time I;ve coach 11-12 year old girls in the CYO. I am also a certified high school referee for both varsity boys and girls. I have over 250 drills in my drill book and I believe I can be most helpful answering questions about running certain offenses and defenses.


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