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Volvo/1987 volvo 740 turbo wagon


major issue. We had a ticking noise, the shims on the exhaust manifold were shot, we replaced all the necessary parts including new shims. ( When we parked it, it had basically quit running. it has a new timing belt, new wires, just put a new distributor and plug in attachment to it( the wires were fried, We also put a new coil on it. The problem is, before we put the new distributor and pigtail on it, the engine cranked but would not stay running. The old distributor was cracked and worn out. Now, with all this new stuff on it, the motor turns, but the plugs are not getting any fire to them, everything is hot, that has been checked. My question,What would keep the plugs from firing? And we know the gas is in the rail. If the injectors are not getting gas would this have anything to do with it not firing? We are just at with end. There is no logical reason, for it not to work. Also would the main relay (E) on the fuse and relay chart maybe have anything to do with it? All the "fuses" to the injector and pump are fine.

I guess my first question is did you buy genuine parts or at least bosch parts .If you have power to the coil can you get the coil wire to spark on the strut tower or is there no ht power there .I have seen bad aftermarket caps rotors and some wires .Did you change the distributor or just the hall effect switch .I have seen them put in wrong and chop of the 3 wires .You may have a problem with the hall switch and also the ignition power stage which should be on the driverside inner fender towards the front of the car .Hope this helps let me know thanks rob ...


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