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Volvo/2006 Volvo V50 T5 no start issue


I have a 2006 Volvo V50 T5. When you attempt to start the vehicle it will crank (turn over)for 2 seconds then the stop even though I don't release the key from the start position. It turns over strong but will just stop.I can try this several times with the same results.The immobilize icon does not appear on the dash.Is there a safety device built in that signals the starter to disengage. If the fuel pressure is to low will the system disengage the starter.I have had several cars in the past that will crank as long as you keep the key in the start position.Two messages appear in the message center, "reduced engine performance" and "anti skid service required". Engine check light is not on. If you try this several times it may start after 15 or 20 attempts and run.

I am sorry to dsay that this will have to go to the dealer .Mainly because it needs to be hooked to vida to see how much on the network  is on line .These vehicles are way more complicated than before ,and this particular platform has network issues that oftern come from the CEM .Without vida which is volvos diag system you will need be able to check immobilizer function or whether the is low or high speed can signals to the modules .I hope this helps i work on these everyday and you have to have the diag equipment ....


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