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I'm a  Volvo  owner  of  a  1995 940 wagon looking  to  replace the engine  after  a  blown  Had  Gasket.

I  bought  a  used  low mileage engine from  an  outfit  saying  it is  the  same  as  mine  -  
but  they  take  no  liability  for  it  passing  Ca DMV Emissions  testing  after  I  switch  it.

They  do  not  have  a  VIN  number - just  the  engine ID  ( stamped  on  the  block  under  the  intake manifold )  : B230FT 1289159  03977

Mine  is  also  a 230FT  engine  ,  but  the  problem  is  there  are  clear  differences  in  the  configuration.

The  two  biggest  are  

1. I  see  no  EGR  pipe  on  their  Intake manifold....certainly  not  where  mine  is piped.

2. Their  Crankcase  sensor  is  in  a  different  place ....and  also  appears  to  be  a  different  wire  type.

Mine  drops  in  at  12 oclock  on the Flywheel  housing,  whereas  theirs  mounts  to  the  front  face  of  the  housing  @  10 oclock.

Since  they  don't  guarantee  the  engine  to  pass  DMV Smog  test,  I  am  not  willing  to  risk  doing  all the  work  to  change  the  motor  -  all  for  nothing  if  it  doesnt  pass.

SO  :   MY  QUESTION( s)   ARE:  

Were  there  engines  stamped  w the  B230FT ID  that  did not  have  EGR  systems?


were  there  other  years  where  the  same  engine  changed  these  configurations ?

And  the  biggest  one  :  If  I  just  put  my  manifolds  on  their  block  -  (  meaning  it  would  inherit  my  Turbo system  and  EGR  set up etc.. ) Do  you  think  it  would have    conlicts  with  the computer  control  unit  that  runs the  car .... Do  you  think  it  would  be  assured  to  pass  the  DMV  test ??

Another  question  that  would  help  is  :  Can  you  determine the  year  and  model  the  engine  was  used  for  by  the  Engine  ID  number  stamped  on the  block  (  NOT  the  Vin ) ??

Thanks  so  much  if  you  can  help  with  this  ,

Sincerely  ,
Bob Burke

There is nothing internal in the block that would do anything to change emissions .I would transfer all the parts from your old engine exhaust manifold and intake with the egr to the new engine you have got .As for the engine  your local volvo dealer would be able to run the engine number  and tell you if it is a turbo or not .All these engines run a 3 wire cranksensor  which was modified due to failure,they were all the same  the entire time of the 89-95 engine run .I do not believe you will have any install problems and when you put it with the other engines parts it should all go together as you want .Hope this helps Rob w.


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