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Volvo/2000 Volvo SE 5 Speed


QUESTION: New Starter, Turned the Fly Wheel, New Clutch.  New Battery. Still will not catch on the starter. My car will not start. I even went and got a NEW starter put that back in and then tried to even push start and pop the clutch...nope.  It will not catch. The fly wheel looks stellar. She is perfect all her teeth and everything.  I am not sure what else it can be! Please help me!!! I am about to go put her in my field and put a 5 gallon gas can in her and do some target shooting!

ANSWER: If i am understanding you the vehicle cranks over and does not start . Firstly i would check the wires at the crank sensor and the sensor itself as it gets easily damaged when removing the gear box.Also if it is cranking and not starting do you have spark and fuel .It should be impossible to install the flywheel in the wrong location as it should have a locating dowl in the crankshaft as long as that was there all should be good there .Let me know more and i will look into it ..

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QUESTION: Vehicle will not start at all, meaning it will not turn over, just the sound of the starter's electric motor mixed with a clicky sound, the starter spins BUT the engine does NOT crank..hope that is clearer.

Yeah, no backwards flywheel here, it is NOT installed wrong, that is pretty idiot proof,well I would hope so, I actually did double check and it is in there right. I know I sound crazy...but I maybe a girl but I do know cars. Really, gas? Yes there is gas in the car, come on now.

I will check the Crank Sensor..I will see if I am getting the specs on that, I know there are certain numbers it should give me, right? Can you tell me what those are?

Could it be a short in the wiring harness or a ground wire?

The care is a 200 Volvo SE 2.4liter 5sp non-turbo naturally aspirated

I guess firstly  i would recommend using 1 32mm socket on the crank and see if the engine will turn over clockwise .If it does then it sounds like the bendix could be bad on the starter .I would suggest removing it and having it bench tested .If this shows nothing then i would have someone turn the engine over while you look at the flywheel with a mirror and recheck the teeth on the flywheel .Let me know what you find .


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