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QUESTION: I was getting a battery light on and off when acceleration and deceleration, I thought it was the alternator. I change it out for new bosch alternator. Battery light on. Then I bough new battery. Battery light on. When I rev it to 2500 rpms light goes off, the idle light on.Warmed up at idle light off?? I also, changed the fuel filter, I was getting misfiring on all cylinders, I thought I got bad gas, sometimes when you press on gas you have to let up to build power up almost stalls, any ideas, please, Thank You

ANSWER: Really this is a case of checking the voltage to the battery and the voltage coming out of d60 which is the small spade connector at the alternator .Is this a proper bosch rebuilt alternator or a bosch alternator that has been rebuilt .There is a big difference.The ones from the more common parts stores oftern have issues .Let me no the voltage and we will go from there ..

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QUESTION: I checked the battery voltage it was 12.75, then started the car and it was 13.88. The car seems to start up fine. it will run for about 30 min then it stalls out, its then a little hard to start.The battery light is on but then after a while goes off??help

you need to check the power getting to the instrument cluster to see if it is there .As for the stalling after 30 mins i think this could be something different .Possibibly fuel pump issue .Check fuel pressure and see if it is ok when you car stalls .Are there any codes in the ecm ..  


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