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Volvo/2001 Volvo xc70 transmission


Car bogs down, very slow acceleration from a stop intermittently. Doesn't get going until 2000 RPMs.Runs well on the road, good acceleration. Had transmission serviced, sensor cleaned and air hose regulator tightened. There was a leaky gasket in the transmission and this started after it was replaced. Transmission service light came on after it was reset, twice.
Also noted that the gear position indicator light is not functioning now. There is just a small blip on the dash.
Really stymied as there hasn't been any problems with the transmission.
Thank you for you time and effort.

Well my suggestion would be get the codes read in the vehicle ,the trans service light coming on usually means there is a problem ,not always really bad sometimes a sensor like input speed probably a code for the gear postion module .It would be a good idea to see where to go.I would recommend a dealer as they no the most about the vehicle ,also you can request a master tech ,the choice is yours .This will give you the information on where to go with this .Hope this helped ..  


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