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Volvo/'91 volvo 940 turbo sedan 150,000 miles


Seller "says" rebuilt head less than 5000 miles,
new battery,
new coil,
new throttle position sensor,
Was running GREAT !
Daughter rolled into house @ 3mph "won't start".

I asked did you check timing belt in tact ?
He answered cam is turning.

He's asking $700.00.

Volvo bout 1 hour from my location. Fix there ,not call Happy Hooker !

Robert Thank you for your time/help, Nic

I would check the basics spark and fuel ,could be fuel pump relay or crank sensor 2 common things that can leave you stranded on that older volvo .If you get someone to crank the engine you should be able to hear the pump under the d/s of the car towards the rear seat . Let me no what you find ..  


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