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Volvo/'99 S70 Volvo.


Came here to find out why interior lights on and still getting chime sound for open door when they are shut.  Found the answer by you in another person's problem saying it was a door lock going bad?  Anyway.

Went out to find battery dead now? Car had been doing the light/chiming thing for couple of days, thought just wasn't getting door shut good...parked it Friday, today is Tuesday and went out and battery dead now?

Will this door chime run battery down too?  

Also, cruise control will work sometimes, and then next time you want to use it, it won't work?

I live in middle of nowhere, good mechanic in next town, who does Volvo work but nearest straight Volvo mechanic is over an hour away and I don't have anyone to take me there to drop car off and leave it.

Is this door lock thing something he should be able to fix?  Car has little over 100K on it.  Second owner.

Thank you so much, I'm a horse expert on here, never thought to see about car men.

it is possible that you have a micro switch in one of the door locks going bad .This will kill the battery if it stays on .As for going to the dealer well usually it takes looking at the vehicle in vida to see what door is closed but showing open in the computer
,the only alternative is to remove the door panels on all 4 doors and disconnect each door lock one at a time until the chime stops .Best of luck hope this helps rob ...  


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