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Volvo/1995 volvo 850 bogging stalling


I have a 1995 Volvo 850. recently the abs light came on and then the fuel light came on even with a full tank. I was driving and then it started bogging down and eventually stalled out. I had to use a jump pack to start it again even though the battery is only three months old. when I let it sit it starts fine but when I press on the brakes it starts the bogging and then the engine loses power and bogs and then stalls out. then the srs light came on. the first time it stalled and I jumped it, the radio didn't work and the heater fan didn't work either. then when I let it sit the radio and fan work again until its runs for a minute or two or I press on the brakes. this is such an odd problem and I cannot figure it out. what can I do to figure it out? does this sound like anything you could pinpoint reasoning for? please help I do not have much money and need car for work.

this is a strange one ,be interested to no if the alternator was charging ok when these things happen if they do again .The radio and other interior things could be related to an ignition switch electrical portion and sometimes under the hood the insulation on the power feed cables that connect to the radiator the rubber insulations corrode and disolve and cause bad connections .I would take a good look at all the connections under the hood especially those going to the battery .


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