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Hey Rob, on further investigation of my situation I found the same number stamped in bold letters (461) across the ecm and tcm, does this point towards the possibility that the teo computers are the originals, and that I may not need to acquire another ecm ?
Thank Much, you have been a big help so far !!

There is a good chance that they are the original parts in your vehicle ,i looked back at our old emails and the issue was that the ecu didnt communicate with other modules and i guess the vehicle does not run .If in vida this is the only module ofline sometimes a reload will help ,i'm sure you have tried a battery reset .Sometimes taken them out and letting them sit helps .Sorry this may seem a little strange but most of these dedicated control units from 99 on make us all at times pull what little hair with have out .Worst case is you may have to find another ecm .I have heard of companies that recondition and reset ecms for installation but have never used any but volvo units.If you car has everything there and will not start we could be looking at a immobilizer issue .In vida you can check to see if key signal is recieved and excepted and ready to start .rob w.


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