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Volvo/volvo barely running codes


Rob here are the codes from the tranny shop:
640F variable camshaft
532D High emmissions
500a a/c pressure
160A throttle valve
3200 ignition coil
3330 ignition coil #4
310 A engine speed sensor
1300 MAF Sensor
1200 intake air flow sensor
1200 intake air temp
2210 rear oxy sensorpre heating
990F torque monitoring
3502 misfiring
3203 misfiring, My Vida comes up with (problem with ecm communicating with other modules
also :
harsh engagement in reverse
need to get this thing going
owner is getting impatient to scap it, I think it's saveable
I own 3 Volvos and do all my own maintenance
95 850 base
98 v70 wagon turbo
2000 v70 wagon turbo
Thanks for your time and tenacity, we seem to have a lot in common.
I patiently await your prognosis and or fix directions

the 640 code is the cvvt solenoid ,probably bad unless it had a timing belt recently .clean throttle and have software upgraded ,replace ignition coil n04 and check the rest for cracks.maf 1300 could be fixed by cleaning throttle ,harsh reverse engagement could be real i see a torque code .code have a maf sensor problem also as this is a none turbo and air flow is built into the maf .hope some of this helps rob ..


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