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v8 XC90.  After a leak in sunroof, I noticed water coming down front pillar-driver's side. This is the first time it's leaked and could have been the way I was parked. About 3 days later it wouldn't start after sitting about 2 hours.  Gave "brake sensor, start prevented try again", message. The alternator was replaced 8/2014. I replaced the battery because of this issue.  Helped for about 10 starts and I though it was fixed, then issue reappeared.  It either immobilizes and gives the above messages, or if I disconnect battery for a few minutes it will try to start and act like it is trying to prevent the starting.  I pulled the CEM since that's what a lot of folks said and it was clean and dry, no signs of water.  I'm at a loss here and really need a car.  It has ~130k on it, but it's been a good car other than this.

blocked sunroof drain sounds like the water issue .Take of the a pillar and see if there is a large connector there check for corrosion .As for no start have you tried both keys ,also could just be bad antenna ring where the key goes in ..hope this helps  


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