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Volvo/1988 volvo 240 dl running lights and speedometer


Hi... I just bought this volvo and all the lights work(blinkers, brakes, reverse and headlights...I'm a single mother of 3 young children and this is our first vehicle in a new state. I don't have much money so I was wondering if u could help me out...the RUNNING LIGHTS DO NOT WORK OR THE SPEEDOMETER??? What can it be? I am able to do the work myself...I just need to know which direction i should be looking in. Can u please help?  Its a 1988 volvo 240dl wagon. Thank u for your time.

On the old 240 the first thing i would do is remove the fuses from the fuse box and clean the connections replacing any fuses that are corroded .first disconnect the battery .Do the headlights work of the switch .Not sure if a 88 has the high power running lights if it is a US vehicle ,but the canadian cars did .As for the speedo lots of issues here does the trip or anything work .If it is getting the signal then the most likely issue is the speedo itself .You usually have to send them out for repair or go to a junk yard for a used one .Hope this helps ...


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