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Volvo 780  Production year 1987 Maschine 280E. Ignition switch fails. Starts on Position II. But engine does not Start at Position III. Ignition switch seems to be allright. Volvo Alarm guard on board system...maybe fails? Im in need of a wire harness from the Ignition switch. I have one but the the colors of the wire does  not fully match to the existing one in the car. For example the Pole S on the switch ( Male) has no female at the wiring side.  Thats for the start. I can deliver some more information. Thanks for answering in advance.

I was trying to find a wiring manual for this vehicle ,but as yet i haven't .If you have power to the starter wire in position 2 then there would seem to be a ignition switch issue .I have seen the switches over the years do many strange things  and this other than a short in the wiring seems the most logical direction .Other than that the only thing that comes to mind would be some kind of issue with the starter relay .I will check at work to see if i have a better diagram ,hope this helps rob ..


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