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Volvo/2007 v-70 xc-90


Hi all.
I am having problems with my 2007 v-70
When I start the vehicle a message shows a unlatched hood.
after about 1 minute the dash board lights up and shows abs, traction control,check engine, rpm stops working, fuel guage stops working,air bag comes on.

any help is appreciated.


It is possible that the hood light is connected ,but we will try to look at the rest first . I would check when this happens what the alternator is putting out ,you are looking for 13.5 to 14.2.After that i would pull the cluster on that year the cover should pull forward and there should be 4 torx 25 holding  the cluster in .Check with a test light ignition on not running if you have power and ground there .If you do it is possible that the issue is in the cluster ,have seen this before .Also does the speedo work and the radio ,a/c etc .Just trying to rule out ignition switch but usually these issue s effect accessories.Hope this helps a little let me no later rob ...


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