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Volvo/2002 volvo s80 t6 timing


QUESTION: Hello Robert, a short time ago I bought a  a S80 T6 that needed head work, I've replaced everything and have put the crankshaft notch on the money after pulling off The Harmonic Balancer and pulley to see exactly where the mark is on the timing belt gear, the cams back in with the locking tool, intake cam slot set above imaginary line, exhaust cam slot below line, can you give me an easy way to set both vvt's I have not been able to find an answer out there that makes sense, not on the forums,  Very confusing and most answers pertain to one vvt whereas I have two,mine have no return springs they are both oil driven.
Thank you,
Pistol Pete
P.S. I also noticed that when I set the crankshaft mark, number one cyl. is about 1/2 way down, not on TDC.

ANSWER: with everything lock you pull both cvvt clockwise to there limit and put the belt on ,you should with a bit of moving around get this to happen and line up with the timing marks on the cover ,good luck rob ...

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QUESTION: Robert the hubs and everything have been taken apart, I need to understand setup from scratch.

from scratch ,well i think at this point you need the complete timing tool with the crank stop .This means you have to pull the starter install the tool after removing the plug and lock the crank at the factory tdc mark .then reassemble the gears lock the cams with the other part of this tool and replace the gears in there relative cams .With the tool in place you can slide the cover on and set the sprockets to line up with the marks on the cover this might take a few attempts.When all this is finished you should be ready to install the new belt and put the sprockets in the right position so the cvvt can work .None of this is really possible unless you buy a complete tool on eBay ,if you get lost just give me a shout and i will help you later rob ...


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