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I have recently bought a 2000 volvos70 glt se 5 cyl with turbo. The car has had the check engine light on and abs light on since i gotit. I had the local volvo dealer check it out  and they said it the abs module and throttle body that were intermittently failing causeing the light to warn me. Tonight i was driving and again the abs light came on then the check engine light and a red brake light so i pulled over to check my e brake and I noticed the light would not turn off so I tried to put the car in gear and drive away. I noticed it felt as though it was held back by the brakes. SO i put the car in park and then into lower gears and still the same thing. I turned the vehicle off and restarted it, and noticed some of the lights had turned off. I put the car into a lower gear and it seemed to drive ok, however the flashing upwards arrow light and brake light was still on. THe car seemed to drive just fine with no hold back or dragging feeling. Got a couple miles down road at high way speeds when all those lights mentioned began to flash on and off. The entire time the blinking arrow light and check engine light stayed on. When I pulled off the freeway at stop sign the vehicle had the same hold back feeling. During this time the speedo had fallen flat not reading any miles per hour. I work grave yard and we live in the middle of no where. SO you can imagine how scary situation to be stuck in the middle of the night, in the middle of no where with no one around. Need your help, Need this fixed. Was thinking it was the ABS Module. Your opinion.

Without the codes it is hard to give a accurate answer ,but i will try .if you look on eBay you should be able to get the abs control module repaired at a reasonable price .Also the throttle i would recommend modex i believe is the same they are out of canada and there throttle is better .These are all common issues .As far as the e brake it is possible if it is a northern vehicle that it is sticking .I would check the brake for sure and if possible don't use the e brake until you no it is all working .Flashing arrow is possible speed sensor signal that runs through the abs ,hope this hellps rob .


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