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Volvo/2001 Volvo xc70 cold hard start with white smoke


I have a 2001 Volvo xc70 that I have a hard time starting cold and when it finally starts after 10-15 tries, a lot of white smoke comes from tailpipe. Once it clears out the car drives absolutely fine and  I do not have any problems with the temperature getting hot. If I run into a store and come out it will start but if I am somewhere for hours then try to start it I have the same issue.

Possible that you have a leaking injector ,you say white smoke ,do you  need to top up the coolant or does it stay where it should .It is possible that you may have a coolant leak .Do you smell any sweet smell when you do get it started .Pulling the spark plugs may show a issue or having a cylinder leak down test .Usually a compression test will not give you any information but is a good idea.If the vehicle has ever been over heated then i would start looking this direction .Hope this gives you a direction .


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