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Volvo/92 Volvo 740 stallng issue


QUESTION: hello, I have a 92 Volvo 740 non turbo wagon and its having a sudden stalling problem. I have replaced the spark plugs and wires recently as well as new distributor cap and rotor button, used cataclean twice 200 miles after new catalytic converter. Year ago put in a genuine fuel pump assembly and earlier than that put in a fuel filter and about to put another filter on soon as well as the fuel pump relay was good as well. also recently put in a new ignition coil and the ignition module tested good and I tested it at least 15 times both at room temp and warm temp but its by Volvo and the module looks like its about as old as the car itself. I saw that there was some gunk on the side of the engine where the coolant temp and knock sensor is as well as some moisture underneath the intake manifold where it looks like there's a 5th fuel injector that's underneath, no leaks from the valve cover. the first 2 times it shut off was when I was driving and the tach was dropping off gradually and felt like an engine braking feeling until it came to a stop and cut out, then sat for a minute or two and it cranked. after that I just run it at idle to try to diagnose it and it shuts off after a few minutes. Any suggestions? should I relook at some of these parts, it really is a crazy situation here.
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ANSWER: The first place i would check would be the crank sensor if it looks old i would change it any way.The ignition module you say you have checked but it is another area of stalling on these older 740s .You didn't specify fuel system but more than likely its is a regina rex vehicle .If so not seen to many other issues ,you have changed the pump and the fuel pump relay ,that is good .as for the gum under intake possibly head gasket seepage or if it is real close to the thermostat housing it might need a thermostat and seal to fix that .I would try the first two things and see if that c=takes care of it .Hope i was some help rob  ...

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding and it is a regina rex vehicle, the crank sensor looks like something that I can get to and it does look a bit old so I will get to it. The leak does seem to be coming from between where the head and the block are married unfortunately, do you have any suggestions for that? Also I looked into the intake duct between the air filter housing and the MAF sensor and shined my light down into it and noticed that there was a small pool of oil collected before it swoops up into the intake manifold, what do you gather from that? Also one more thing, it seems to me that it shifts a bit jerky, its a AW70 Trans, could it be the clutches inside-what do you think? Thanks And Good Day.

It looks like you may be doing a head gasket and checking the the valve guides while you have it apart .I have done many with higher mileage b230s its not a hard job .It does seem that there may be a wear issue ,i would also check that the vehicle is not over full with oil they only hold just a little over 4qts .The trans on these is generally really good they only thing that usually takes them out is lack of maintenance or coolant getting in the trans from  the radiator .try a trans service .Hope this helps ...


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