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Volvo Repair/Door open chime will not stop....


kellyd wrote at 2012-11-05 03:55:45

I just wanted to say thanks, and I mean a BIG THANKS to Roger.  You wouldn't believe all the stuff I've been tinkering with ALL DAY.  I had the exact same problem.  Yes, do what he says.  For me, not only did I take out the relay, after that I disconnected the negative battery cable for a good 15-20 mins and then reconnected it. I looked at the number 5 fuse and it was in fact blown....again.  I replaced the fuse with a new one a blamo! - All systems go.  One thing I'd like to add in case someone doesn't know  - if you're not sure if the fuse is good or bad, look at it.  The metal inside should be connected and whole...not split apart.  I think I may have replaced a bad fuse WITH a bad fuse the first time around.

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