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Volvo Repair/1987 volvo 240 randomly stalls


Al wrote at 2008-06-13 19:47:24
I had similar issue on my 86 740GLE,

just replaced fuel bump relay, no stall so far two weeks of driving, 50km per day.

dave wrote at 2008-06-22 14:19:28
I had a similar problem with a 240 cutting out. The car had been converted to run on unleaded petrol, however the Volv angent had forgot to change the standard gasket between the carb & inlet manifold for a thicker version which is part of the kit. afterr 6 months of getting no-where the solution was found!! yippe so i thought, a few eeeks later it happened agin... the vovl agent had damaged the new thicker gasket and caused a leak which gave the same proble. i took a new gasket and fitted myself in front of them!!

gary wrote at 2016-05-24 19:56:29
I had this problem with my 87.  would be running running down the road & would just quit. Would pull off road and sit for a few minutes,then try to restart.  Worked sometimes. always kept can of starter fluid,sprayed into air intake,worked 95% of time. I suspect over heating fuel pump,clogged fuel filter,or bad coil. I never solved the problem.  Maybe Roger could comment.  I still have the car.  Ben sitting up for 4 years. Other than this problem car ran really well.  

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