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Volvo Repair/Volvo XC90 ABS? BCM?


Dietzkev wrote at 2009-11-16 20:51:37
The BCM on this car is the brake control module or usually referred to as the ABS module, Volvo's terminology for there ABS module is BCM(Brake Control Module). These are very common on the XC90's to fail, there are internal drivers inside that either stick on or off and cause problems sometimes intermittent. It is possible to be a loose connection at the plug, which usually has 30 or more cavities. The testing the ground with the bulb ensures that the groound can carry a load and doesn't have too much resistance which is quicker than testing the wire from point A to B. It is very reliable, if the ground was loose it would not be able to carry that load and the bulb would be dim. As far as scoping the CAN network it was not necessary as you can easily test the terminals to see what the voltages were, if shorted to power or ground then the voltage would be either 0 or 5 volts, not the 2.5 you would see.  

volvotech wrote at 2010-12-02 12:00:21
On volvo .. the abs module is call BCM .. is the same thing.

abs = anti-lock braking system

bcm = brake control module

Thomas wrote at 2013-12-29 07:15:41
2004 V70.  This fault about drove me crazy.  It turned out to be intermittent power on fuse #9 together with 5,6,7 & 8.  They are all fed by relay # 3 on the CEM.  This is a high current relay that feeds 15+ to these fuses.  Replaced it and all is good

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