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Volvo Repair/1988 244DL Volvo - Random acceleration problems


Dfn wrote at 2014-10-21 04:57:24
Check fuse panel by driver door- fuse 4 and 6 associated with fuel. The intermittent nature if problem signals electrical issue not part failure. My volvo had broken fuse holder/ connector on fuse # 4. Needs new fuse panel.  Hope to find one soon.  Bad idea to put fuse box  by door.

Good luck.  

rinjcha wrote at 2015-03-26 00:30:42
I have a 1988 740 turbo wagon and just discovered my throttle cable is shredded, well one of them is. The car is still driving but I was told it will not accelerate if the other cable breaks. I'm having a very difficult time finding a new cable as they don't make them anymore. Even my mechanic is having a tough time finding one. Not sure if your model uses a throttle cable but it might.

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