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I just won a trip to the DR Who experience in Wales. I think it's in Cardiff. We'll be there only 3 nights in late April. My wife & I have no idea what to do, how to get around, where to eat, etc.. We don't have much time so was hoping you could recommend a 2 day itinerary. Will USA money work there?
We love to eat, drink,walk,   sightsee, shop, see nature & the ocean if possible. Never been to Europe.
Thanks & Happy New Year
Roger in Syracuse, NY USA

ANSWER: Hi Roger
Thank you for your email. Lucky you! I haven't been there yet, but it's supposed to be marvellous! The Dr Who experience is in the Cardiff Bay Area which is a great base for you. Plenty of restaurants and bar as well as being at the sea. It's also home to Wales Millennium Centre which houses the Welsh National Opera, BBC National Orchestra and has fantastic shows there, I highly recommend seeing what's on and getting tickets. (It's currently Singing in the Rain). Where are you staying in Cardiff? It's a short (20 min) walk into Cardiff town centre where you visit the Wales' Millennium Stadium (there might even be a game on when you're over!) well as cardiff Castle which is a beautiful Medieval Castle in the heart of the City. There are also speedboat trips and River cruises available at Cardiff Bay. The 'bendy' bus goes between the Bay and Cardiff Centre too where you can find the main railway station.

In the City Centre is also Cardiff museum which has a great art collection and fascinating exhibits. You might also like to arrange to visit St Fagans which is about a 15 minute taxi ride from the centre (although there are excellent bus connections)... this is an open air museum with original houses and buildings from way way back (not sure how far back they go, but the web link shows you everything.

I hope this helps, you won't have too much time to visit the Brecon Beacon area national park, or too much of the coast, but this will be a good'll have to use the Tardis to extend your stay! (Ps Dr who and Torchwood are both filmed in Cardiff and surrounding tins, like Penarth where I live so you'll recognise lots of scenes!

Enjoy your stay... As we say in Wales....Croeso I Gymru (welcome to Wales!)

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QUESTION: Thank you for all the great information. They haven't told me where I'm staying yet. I thought of some more questions if you don't mind.

I there free wifi anywhere in town?

Is USA money acceptable?

Will my electronics plug into the outlets there or will I need an adapter?

Thank You

Hi again Roger
Right...there's bound to be free wifi in some cafés (Starbucks for instance). I think there's probably some in your hotel too. Lots of hotspots. You can't use anything other then pound sterling in UK although credit cards freely accepted too. You will definitely need an adapter for plugs too.

Let me know if there's anything else



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I can advise on beautiful and interesting areas of Wales to visit. I can also recommend some activities, including best places to eat, drink, visit whilst in Cardiff. My main areas would include Cardiff and it`s environs and the Gower Peninsula - although I enjoy research and could help with most enquiries about entertainment and travel within Wales. I hope I can help. Kind regards Ceri Legg


I was born in Canton, Cardiff and now reside in Penarth. I enjoy exploring my own country and have had a caravan on the Gower Peninsula for over 20 years. I am in the process of learning Welsh, although I should imagine if people are enquiring about Wales this would have no bearing on their enquiry! I work for a local children's charity and organise events to raise funds on their behalf which brings me into contact with many local and national companies and sometimes celebrities which may be of interest to some 'questioners'!

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