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My wife & I will be in Cardiff March 28,29,30. I have a Gower day trip booked for Sunday. Not sure what else to do. Can you recommend places to eat, maybe somewhere to listen to some music at night ( piano, jazz, etc).  Maybe a nice pub to visit? We will be staying at the Royal Cardiff Hotel and won't have a car. We are active, middle age and like wine also......8)
Thank you for your time
Syracuse,NY  USA

ANSWER: Good afternoon Roger

Thank you for your question! I'm so glad you are able to visit Wales, and especially the capital City of Cardiff. The Royal Hotel is perfectly situated to be close to all the shopping/bars/restaurants. There are some lovely restaurants and wine bars close by where you will be staying and you are also very very close to Cardiff Castle (recommend a tour around there - it is at the top of St Mary Street - you will be able to see it at the end of the street in the distance, about 8 minutes walk from where you are. I will put recommendations at the end of this for restaurants etc.
You will love the Gower, it's a beautiful place with lovely beaches and villages - it's about 1.5 hours from Cardiff by coach (I'm assuming this is a tour you've booked on a coach?).

You are a 20 minutes walk / 10 minute taxi ride from Cardiff Bay which houses the Wales' Millennium Centre - our cultural centre which has top rated shows and in the same vicinity as many more bars / pubs / restaurants as well as the Norwegian Church arts centre. You are then a stone's throw from the BBC Centre which houses the Dr Who exhibition (if you are interested in Dr Who / Torchwood / Sherlock these are all filmed in Cardiff and the vicinity).

Also about 10 minutes walk from where you are staying is the Wales National Museum which has some fantastic features including some excellent Impressionist painting - and one of Degas' ballerina sculptures.

The Wales Millennium Stadium is a stone's throw as well from where you are staying if you are interested in sport - it's also an interesting place to have a tour.

Some recommendations for restaurants very close by to your hotel include:
(excellent food and an excellent wine cellar!)

Your hotel is in the Brewery Quarter which has loads of bars and restaurants as part of it:

Also Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant:

I hope this helps a way to enjoying some of Wales'. There's a lot to do in a few days in Cardiff- next time you'll have to stay longer to visit some of the Brecon Beacons National Park and the beautiful Welsh coastline!

A bus ride away is Penarth (where we live). A seaside town with a great new arts centre on the pier (very Victorian and the Penarth Pier Pavilion is a jewel of 1920's design!).

I hope you have a wonderful time and as we say in Wales 'Croeso' which means welcome!


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Thanks so much for the great advice. Our tour is with "Where When Wales Tours". They take small groups out in a Mercedes vans. Very good ratings. What will the weather be like in a month? Is it safe to walk around at night?

Thank You again

Hi Roger
You're more than welcome.  The tour sounds great and much better than a big coach I would think...there are some tiny roads in the Gower and a Merc van would be MUCH easier to navigate them! Weather is a sore topic at the moment, you might have heard! We've had very unusual storms with masses of rain and fierce winds.... However, it's settling down nicely and hopefully it's blown through now. April is Usually ok, a little rain, ocassionaly a little late snow but nothing desperate and some sun....we are a strange nation weatherise! Bring a raincoat and warm jumper as well as tee shirt and sweater and you will be covered!
Have a good trip and let me know how you get on.

Best wishes



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I can advise on beautiful and interesting areas of Wales to visit. I can also recommend some activities, including best places to eat, drink, visit whilst in Cardiff. My main areas would include Cardiff and it`s environs and the Gower Peninsula - although I enjoy research and could help with most enquiries about entertainment and travel within Wales. I hope I can help. Kind regards Ceri Legg


I was born in Canton, Cardiff and now reside in Penarth. I enjoy exploring my own country and have had a caravan on the Gower Peninsula for over 20 years. I am in the process of learning Welsh, although I should imagine if people are enquiring about Wales this would have no bearing on their enquiry! I work for a local children's charity and organise events to raise funds on their behalf which brings me into contact with many local and national companies and sometimes celebrities which may be of interest to some 'questioners'!

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