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Case wrote at 2008-03-14 20:26:58
I like to think that artist want people to come up with their own meanings to make songs personal to you.  I think of the three being the different phases of changing who you are in your life.  Usually people don't live the same they did five years before any given point, as time changes we all change a little.  The things that were important to me five years ago aren't really all that important now.  And, five years from now I wont think whats important now is as important.

cyndy wrote at 2013-02-03 16:57:58
I think the three Marlenas refers to one woman and how there are 3 possiblilites of how we are seen in the world.  1- the reality of how people see Marlena - people she Marlena as a woman who dresses and dyes her hair so someone takes her home/maybe to live  2- Her true reality; she might be in bed with a man but she sees herself as a woman truly alone 3- Her imagined reality - she wishes on the heavens to give her a created reality of what she hopes to be.  So the singer dreams of buying a Rolls to drive him to heaven, which will in reality be a Chevrolet to drive out of town.  Escaping reality with fantasy sometimes is the only way to get through life

Wallflowers, The

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I can answer main things about the Wallflowers- lyrics, band bios, concerts, background, who Jakob`s dad is... :) stuff like that.


I have loved the Wallflowers (as my email address shows) since 1996 and I heard 'The Difference'. Since then I've gone to numerous concerts- done what any fan does- get pictures, all the cds, merchandise etc and I've even met the band twice. I could say I'm quite the Wallflowers officionato. :)

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