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Hey Julia THANKS so much for your time and stuff we had a great time ad WDW and we also enjoyed flying and everything, However, I have a Question to ask you Why are they ending Wishes this year, and also have you seen wishes?

If you don't know about why wishes are leaving please let me know and A am assuming that it ends on Dec 31st 2012 correct

If you don't know, please let me know who may





I'm glad you had a great trip!

Wishes has been part of Magic Kingdom's night fireworks for nearly 10 years. They always continue working on something new to keep guests coming back to visit. They will always have fireworks at MK but will update. I'm not sure when they will change it but keep an eye out for new commercials and articles on the Disney Insider newsletter (you probably already receive these emails when you registered on the Disney website).

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