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My daughter has Muscular Dystrophy, and gets tired very easily, but she loves riding rides. Do ya'll offer some sort of pass to disabled kids?

Hi Linda,

First I must say that I'm not a part of the Disney company, or Walt Disney World. I'm a guide book writer and author of Walt Disney World with Disabilities.

Disney World does not give a different pass for disabled kids. You'll be paying the regular admission price.

They do offer GACs (Guest Assistance Cards). This card may get you additional assistance as needed. For example, if your daughter needs some additional time to get on and off rides, this may be of help. Or if your daughter needs to use a stroller as a wheelchair, allowing her to stay in it throughout the ride queues, they should permit this.

Just visit Guest Relations at the entrance to any of the main parks and let them know that you'd like a GAC, and let them know what your daughter's needs are.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Have a great trip.

Stephen Ashley  

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