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I'm a huge fan of the southern california parks,my family and I have visited a lot throughout the years. My mother in law just passed away and I had known that in the past these bricks were available for purchase and planned on getting one in her honor. I'm so disappointed that this is no longer an option. I have two questions:
1 Why did they stop this program when there are a ton of blank bricks still?
2 Is there any other options for honoring a loved one at the disneyland theme park? My mother in law had actually met and interacted with Walt Disney and had a strong connection with the theme park.
Thank You so much for your time!

Hi Jennifer -

Thank you for checking with us. I am sorry for your lose.

Unfortunately, it is sad that the brick and other legacy programs are gone.  While there was no official statement made, I know there had been some issues with cracking bricks and things having to be replaced.  The bricks were sold with a 10 year minimum contract and after that they will be replaced with regular bricks if an engraved one cracks or other wear.

As far as other legacy items at the park, there are none at the moment I am aware of.  My family opted to buy the hand drawn artist renderings for family as a tribute to connect to Disney and keep in our homes.  The artist signed ours as "Love from Grandma"

Sorry, I can't offer you something more.

Happy travels


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