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So after lots of family discussions we have chosen Walt Disney World for our big Summer vacation. I have up to a month to do this, so our vacations could be a couple days or much longer. I want to know how much time is enough but not too much. I want to have time to explore the parks of Disney World but I also want to eat, possibly see a movie, participate in the recreational activities and visit Sea World and Universal Studios. The family wants to stay at one of the Disney resorts. I have two boys ages 8 and 11, my girlfriend has a 9 year old son. My friend will be coming with his wife and his son and daughter (ages 9 and 4). We may even have my 17 year old nephew come along as well.

Take into consideration that we will be flying in from California and the first day likely won't include doing too much but resting in the hotel room. Also consider that we want to do as much as possible including visiting the other nearby attractions. How much time is enough to really explore with each other but not stay so long that the magic of the experience wears off for the kids and adults?

I also want to keep all of us together as much as possible. We could have up to 10 people going and that may include 5 kids and one teenage boy.

Greetings, Kendall!

As you must know, your question actually is a very long discussion!  Honestly I advise you to pick up one of the many very good guides available (For your purpose, I'd recommend "The Unofficial Guide to WDW" since it covers in great detail all of the things you've mentioned.)

Staying in the WDW resorts will be very costly since you'll need several rooms to accommodate your large group.  There are Disney Vacation Club villas available that would house all of you, but you'd need to rent one from a member and, again, it will cost big bucks.

You may want to consider renting one of the vacation homes available in the area.  Although you wouldn't have the benefits of staying on property, it is a cost effective way to enjoy the area.  There are 1000's of rentals available.

Good luck!

Have a magical vacation.

By the way, in my opinion, one can never tire of the WDW magic!


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