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Walt Disney World/kids wearing diapers in Disney


D.F. wrote at 2006-07-06 15:58:51
When my family and I went to Disney several years ago, all of us wore diapers or pull-ups while we were in the park. Dispite a lot of fussing over the issue initially, we eventually discovered that there was a lot less stress on everyone when we were all diapered. Some of the lines for rides were more than an hour long and with temperatures in the 90's drinking plenty of fluids was very important.

My younger sisters (7 and 9) and I (13 at the time) found it a lot easier to just go in our diapers when we had to rather than stand squirming in an hour long line, not enjoy the ride as much because we had to potty, and then have to run for the restrooms at the end of the ride, only to encounter at least a 15 minute wait to get into the ladies room. So it really came out to be a wait of nearly 2 hours for the potty. I saw quite a few kids crying with wet pants and embarassed parents having to either buy them expensive new pants from the shops, or take them home.

I do suggest pull-ups for your kids instead of actual diapers. They are made in larger sizes that will fit nicely, and can be pulled down if and when you do decide to make a "potty stop." Plus some of the brands look more like big kids underwear now anyways.

My family still uses diapers on any long trips. It just saves the stress and makes everyone more comfortable. your kids will learn to accept it, and they'll thank you later.

Annie Smith wrote at 2006-08-19 21:50:44
Diapers may be a good choice. For kids who have quit using diapers recently, it can be difficult to stay dry during a long trip and in unfamiliar surroundings. For many children the simplest solution is to consistently use diapers on trips and car rides. If kids learn that a trip means wearing a diaper it will be completely natural and work out well for both kids and their parents.  

Anon wrote at 2006-11-17 15:24:38
It is a good idea.  While diapers may be excessive, use pull-ups which they can manage themselves, yet will absorb any accidents  Explain to them that the toilet is to be used, and that the pull-up is only for times when you cannot get to a bathroom.  Even if your child is usually dry, if there is a time your child will have an accident, it will be at Disney world.

MG wrote at 2008-02-21 02:54:58
Sounds as if you intend to raise two adults who will practice infantilism.

This is the most absurd suggestion I have heard.  I cannot imagine 6-8 year old boys enjoying a day at a theme park while they tote a load in their pants.

james wrote at 2008-07-06 06:33:58
we have done that wih our kids and it worked out great becuse we got to ride all the rides they wanted to ride with out having to get out of line.

frying nemo wrote at 2008-08-16 10:15:26
i have a 8 yearold girl and 10 year old boy and they were fine wearing diapers for most of are vacation. with pampers size 7 it was inexspencive and we didnt miss out on any thing 2 rest room breaks a day for changes.

ShadowsWithinDarknes wrote at 2008-09-11 08:27:52
i would totally agree putting kids in diapers, reasons being that you go to a must do holiday and you waste time going to the toilet more times than you should, kids this age always need to go to the toilet, especially in inconvient times like waiting in queues and especially when your next on the ride.

My 9 year old son doesnt seem to mind wearing a diaper he says "its nice". I wouldnt put him in a diaper 24/7 but in theme parks and long journeys i would consider it. This way you can enjoy your holiday.

ibabyyou2 wrote at 2009-12-10 05:20:08
Diapers for all your is a good way to keep from getting sick too. Just think about all the bacteria left in public restrooms.

Jon wrote at 2010-01-05 04:49:10
When my family went to Disney back when I was about 14, my parents had my two younger brothers (4 and 7 at the time) wear diapers for exactly the reasons you describe.  While we let them use the restroom if we were there and they could go, it helped out at least twice for the younger and once for the older to be in diapers.  If they hadn't, we would have wasted nearly an hour and a half in line or had to deal with wet pants.

Mark wrote at 2010-02-13 04:47:57
We've been to Disney World three times and the first time my then 8 y/o son had an wetting accident while waiting. It was the embarresement that made him ask for protection, we bought a package of Goodnites the same day. He's 13 now and still doesn't mind wearing diapers on long road trips and theme park visits. His sister, who is 9, doesn't need them.

Dodge34 wrote at 2010-02-24 18:06:01
With the number of bathrooms available in Disney World and the fact they're cleaned every hour (they are the most cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen) and the Fast Pass system, and the Parents swap system, I can't even imagine parents would really put their older kids (over 6 yrs old) in diapers to avoid bathroom breaks. You don't have to wait 1h30 for each ride, just use the Fast Pass system, its free and really makes things easier. The max time I waited for a ride was in Splash Mountain in june 2008, I waited 28 minutes and that's because I've add my Fast Pass ticket used under 5 minutes and wanted to go back on the ride so I took the normal queue line, it was the longest queue I saw in Disney.  

L.David O wrote at 2010-03-23 20:51:29
I can actually, and embarrassingly speak from experience. I'm 27 now and visited Disney world in 1992 when I was ten. My mother and myself, and some family friends (Husband,wife and three kids near my age). I was prone to wetting my pants as a kid and it happened well after potty training. I never had the problem checked out or anything. It was ruled more as a disciplinary problem by the elders of my childhood. Anyway, by the end of the first day, in the evening time, we all rode the undersea adventure ride where you ride in the fake submarine it it's quite long. With regards to the amount I had drank that day, and waiting the long line for the ride itself, while on the ride I had a full on accident and wet my pants. Of course everyone else realizing I had peed my pants was the moment where it was really humiliating. The next day the decision was more or less made for me to be in diapers. I wasn't too happy at first, but can verify that it was a much better day after everyone had gotten over the diapers, that I didn't have a second pants wetting episode.

lucy wrote at 2010-05-07 17:05:35
hi my child is 9 and he is called ben. we went to disney land and put him in diapers but he would not wear them because if his friends were there they would see.soo when we were in a line wating he did not tell us he needed the batroom and wet himself his friend edward was there and saw.later that night we put diapers on him drynites.his friend did not tell him till he had a sleepover a week later where he found diapers in his bag and on him in bed because he was afraid it might happen.then he told him in the morning and told all the kids at school.

Serena wrote at 2010-08-22 21:40:58
My suggestion would be to approach them and kindly ask them to go back into diapers so that you have more time to spend and to do more stuff there. Use the right approach and they will understand

Father of 3 great kids wrote at 2010-08-25 18:27:17
When my family went on vacation for 2 weeks our 3 kids ages  

5yr boy & 7yr old twin boys we put them all in diapers. There was struggling and rejection but once they realized they could enjoy the trip and the car ride down without having to worry about constantly stopping for the bathroom they were all changed about 2 - 4 times a day and didnt care after a bit of time back in diapers. They loved not having to stop activities and playing not worrying about the bathroom now we diaper them for all our car and camping trips.

Hunter wrote at 2010-09-21 13:43:36
Here's the point: the line-ups are long, and if you leave them (which is not always easy) to go to the washroom, you lose your place. Given the choice both my sons (aged 12 and 14) chose to wear diapers as a precaution, and both ended up using them. If your child is comfortable wearing them why would you not let him or her have them?

stevej wrote at 2010-09-28 18:44:42
I think that diapers are great for anyone My two kids aged 8&9 wore them for the first time when on long journeys and holidays. now they are 15 & 16 and wear them most of the time.  

a mom wrote at 2010-10-26 14:22:44
we have two daughters ages 14 and 12 and both wear a thick cloth diaper and rubber pants on long car trips.they are told to use them only if neccassary and they are changed at gas stops.they both also wear the diaper and rubber pants foe holidays and special occasions where going to the bathroom might be inconveinent.

Goodnites wrote at 2010-12-12 06:55:16
While diapers should be a personal matter, I agree that diapers should not be a taboo issue. It's good that some of you re teaching your kids that diapers don't have to be shunned.

Diapered wrote at 2010-12-16 06:36:00
I'm a father of two (2 and 8 ). I'm also Incontinent and have to wear diapers. My 8 year old has no problem letting us diaper him on long trips. He asked me if he could wear one. Its good practice and your kids will understand if you approach them the right way. But don't force a child that is just not right!

Areyoukidding wrote at 2011-01-06 16:36:25
I have a 8 year old son. He has been potty trained since he was three. We went to Disney world when he was four. No accidents. In fact no accidents since he was potty trained. I find it crazy to even think of putting a diaper on him now at 8. You need to be aware how long it has been since they have used the restroom and ask. Maybe a friendly reminder is all that is needed. In no way should my 8 year old sit in a dirty diaper, lol.

ken wrote at 2011-07-20 14:37:31
I dont see thisas a big deal..  I would not use a diaper as say but using a pull up is really no big deal..  They help take the pressure off of thinking  of an accident.  I tell my kids 13 and 16, if you feel bettego for it.  They are only used if they have to be used.  If they are used it is really simple to change.. One down a fresh one up.  Better that a mess

JackCarson82 wrote at 2011-08-19 10:02:08
I dont see a problem with it as long as the kid is okay with it. My 13 year old son wets the bed so now, whenever he isn't at school i keep him in a diaper so if he falls asleep in the day, he's protected. Thinking about putting him in pull ups for school because when i was diapering him when he came home a few weeks ago i noticed his pants were wet. But still not sure about it. He hates wearing a diaper most of the time but i think its for the best.

jana wrote at 2011-09-02 12:52:21
I cant believe it! First I thought this topic is some kind of joke- all family in DIAPERS! In my country (Estonia) healthy kids older than 3-4 yo, NEVER wear diapers. I have been in Disneyland couple of times with 4yo and 6yo and our vacation was just perfect without any diapers-stuff. Disneyland is great place and restrooms are clean! Diapers for teens-its a huge regression, lots of work for shrinks later? Dont do it! I didnt mean to offend or anything, but ...come on, guys:)  

M wrote at 2011-09-05 22:38:06
I was looking for thoughts on putting a nappy on my 2.5 year old who has been potty trained for 3 weeks during a long car journey. I was feeling it would be a regressive step and send mixed messages. I'm actually shocked and stunned by this absurdly of this post although it has helped my decision. I'm from the UK and agree with the lady from Estonia - as for me it's totally and utterly incredulous to put older children and even teenagers in nappies rather than simply make regular stops to the restroom - but hey you certainly learn something new everyday : D

Anonymous wrote at 2011-11-07 13:34:14
My son is 12 years old and in 6th grade and were gouing to Disney world according to this they are saying they would recommend you wearing it because of the lines do you still recommend us to wear it? Thankyou I'll remain Ananymous for now!

Balut wrote at 2011-11-12 21:32:38
Anyone over the age of 4 should only use diapers if they have severe mental and/or physical defects.  A normal 10 year old should certainly be able to control themselves.  Putting diapers on a 14 year old should be considered abuse.  Even for my 5 year old, we would never consider this for a second.  It's 100% laughable and you should all be embarrassed at your selfishness for valuing time spent on a theme park ride over your children's human dignity.

Rin wrote at 2011-11-24 00:45:10
I don't get all of this. What happens if the kid has to poop? Do you let him/her go in the diaper also?

If so where can you go to change a bigger a kid? Also if the kid is wearing diapers at disney or road trips, do you also keep them in diapers at night?

Im wondering if the kid gets used to it and pees at night unconscously.

jeff wrote at 2011-11-30 20:18:01
state fairs are a good place to wear diapers too , i wear them too, and i am 50, i would put my kids in diapers .

Chris wrote at 2011-12-06 11:55:45
I think pull up diapers are a must for long trips or where toilet facilites are limited.

I have two boys, 9 and 10, and a girl 13, and after a couple of accidents, next time we went to Disney I bought some pull-ups, showed them and asked if they thought it would be a good idea. One of the boys said to me - I will if you will. So I went and bought some adult pull up incontinence pants  - the most discreet I could find - came home, put them on and showed the kids. They immediately grabbed a pair of theirs, went and put them on, and then proudly came and showed me. They say it is just like wearing regular underwear. They are intended for night time bed wetting so my 13 year girl found them a bit of a squeeze at first, but were fine once they were on.

If they do have an accident I just give them another pair to put on themselves. I can't imagine a parent changing a 9, 10 or 13 year old :)

So we need to approach this in a sensible way - not as diapers, but rather underwear for special trips out.

lover wrote at 2012-02-28 22:34:00
when we went to disney i gave my kids diapers before we left like 5 days befor to get useto the my 15 year old girl had a promblem wearing them at first but now she wears them around the house the other 2 kids where fine wearing them there me my self didnt mined :3

Mike wrote at 2012-03-14 09:22:44
I have been to Disneyland 3 times (ages 8,15,36) and my parents put me in diapers the first 2 times and wore diapers voluntarily the last time and would thoroughly recommend diapers to anyone visiting Disneyland

Diaper the little ones wrote at 2012-03-22 04:48:41
When I was 5 and my brother Thomas was 3 we went to Disneyland mom thought it better to put us in Diapers, my older brother was there Roger age 10 but he told mom he was old enough to hold his pee. mom thought he was too but myself and Thomas were in diapers for the 800 miles trip there and at Disneyland. On the trip Thomas had a few poopy accidents and I had 2 but mom changed us like we were babies. While at Disneyland Thomas and I both wet diapers a few times while in line, and I barley made it to the potty before pooping, mom changed me at that anyway because my diaper was wet. 2 years later we returned to Disneyland and Thomas and I wore Diapers again, today I am 32 married with 4 kids 6, 5, 2, and 1 Beth and I are going to diaper the 2 older ones it is best not because it saves time but in that mad house crowd accidents do an d with smaller ones sometimes do do happen.  

Amy wrote at 2012-03-27 02:45:50
I thought it was crazy when I was reading this....but then I thought about it more and more. My 9 year old still has some accidents, both day and night. He just simply tries to hold it too long when he's playing and having fun. Disney Land....yeah, that is the epitome of playing and having fun. So after thinking about it for a couple weeks, I actually decided pullups for the week were a good idea. I told my boy and he was initially horrified, but after he tried one on under shorts and jeans and we couldn't tell when looking in the mirror, he agreed to wear one for the week. We got to Anaheim around noon last Monday and after checking in at the hotel, headed over. I had him change into a pullup at the hotel before leaving, and he did so without an argument. Less than 3 hours after arriving, I saw him holding himself in line and "dancing" desperately. I asked him if he had to use the bathroom and he nodded his head yes. We actually were near the back of the line and it wasn't hugely long, so we left line to run for the potty. He didn't make it; he totally peed in his pants halfway there!! I was actually sort of happy, made me realize I had made the right decision. I simply gave him a dry pullup at the bathroom and had him change. It was pretty drama-free!

He had 5 more daytime wetting accidents in the next 7 days, along with 3 nighttime accidents (which I think happened just because he was so tired at night!) He also had one poopy accident at the park while waiting in a line. That's the only time he needed help changing, which was easy enough in a family restroom.

He wore pullups 24/7 the whole trip, so I really didn't have any messes to clean up. 11 accidents were by far the most he's had in a week since he was a toddler. Unfortunately, he wet his pants tonight watching TV, so that's 12 now....hopefully that's it.

All in all, I clearly made the right decision. He was little more than a 2 year old at Disney World, just not paying attention to his bodily needs. At 9, you're potty trained well enough for most situations, but many kids, and especially boys, aren't potty trained well enough for Disney World. We're going back next spring, and I'm wiling to bet I'll have a 10 year old in pullups then.

Callum Richards wrote at 2012-03-29 17:36:37
I went to Disney world last year in July my cousin who is 11 yrs younger than me (age 11) wet his pants whilst on the stairs for a rollercoaster. So I took him to a bathroom and told him to stay there whilst I got a diaper. After that he always wore diapers in amusement parks.

susan johnson wrote at 2012-04-12 18:36:28
Well on my last trip my two sons (5 and 7) had multiple accidents while my fighters (3,4, and 6) had none I think it was the fact that boys have smaller bladder than girls but yes I would definitely suggest at least pull-ups for your young boys (10th and under) but I think girls will be fine  

mom of 2 wrote at 2012-04-21 10:42:16
I am the mom of 2 daughters ages 14 and 12 and they finially made their first holy communions this past sunday and i did a cloth diaper and rubberpants on both of them under their communion dresses.they wore poofy,top of the knees dresses with the lace socks and shoes.i wanted them to be cute and pure like the little girls so the diaper and rubberpants worked out well for them.

jamie wrote at 2012-04-24 18:39:18
My family went to Disney just a year ago and I decided all six of my children (all finished with potty training by 30 months old or sooner) would wear pull-ups for the trip. by the second day only my boys (4 and 5) had had any accidents so I left them in the Philips the rest of the trip and let the girls (3 4 5 and 9) wear their regular underwear. the boys had a total of around 50 #1 incidents and around 7 #2 incidents over our 2 weeks while the girls only had 4 incidents overall 1 where my 3 year old couldn't hold her pee and then the oldest had 2 #1 incidents and 1 #2 (diareah) all in all I would suggest at least training pants for boys and a few spare sets of underwear for the girls.

chelsea wrote at 2012-04-26 19:03:51
From what I've read on hear the idea sound better and better for our boys but from what I've read most girls will do fine so my 5 and 7 year old boys will be in pull-ups for the trip but my 3 and 4 year old daughters will not thanks you guys for all the advice.

tamzin wrote at 2012-04-28 01:52:02
howdy Peeps,

I only been to Seaworld out of all the Theme Park in the Orlando area so far and use a Powerchair and have problems in the restroom department.

I first when to Orlando in 2009 and while over there did consider wearing diapers and think I will when I next go to the Orlando area for 2013/2014 as trying to hold it makes for some uncomfortable experiences.

And accidents so definitely gonna wear diaper when I visit there again.

I generally don't go the same place or State back to back or year after year like to see other places too.

But yeah I do agree with the other posters about kids  and teen wearing diapers or pull up to Disney and the others parks.

See you Later Gator.


seccert wrote at 2012-05-01 20:46:23
I am 13 and i went to a amassment park and while we was waiting and my brother didn't want me to leave his side and i had to pee really bad and i had a accident and my friends was there and was embarrassed and my brother went to a store and we stayed a a hotel and he came back with a pack of diapers and we all wore one and we all used them that day

jayjaycub wrote at 2012-05-10 14:23:21
I too find this thread somewhat incredible. I worked as a cast member at Walt Disney World for a couple years, greeting thousands of people a day and never once saw any child with wet pants or over the age of four who was noticeably diapered. As an incontinent adult myself, I am over the stigma associated with diapers, but I really see no point in diapering an older, able bodied child for a visit to the parks. Bathrooms are located only 50 or so meters apart all over the parks. They are clean and very large so waiting times to use them are really non existent. If you use the fast pass system, and plan for rest room breaks before getting into any  line over 30 minutes long, there is not going to be a problem, even for the more accident prone children. Night time is a whole different issue. I would think it a courtesy to any hotel to make sure a child - or an adult for that  matter - does not damage hotel property with accidental nighttime wetting.

chelsea wrote at 2012-05-14 20:19:49
Thank goodness for this thread. We had a great time at Disney my 5 year old son had multiple accidents both day and night and my 7 year old son only had a few at night. I offered pull-ups to my 3 and 4 year old girls but they both refused while the 4 year old said that they weren't babies, LOL if only they knew how big babies their older brothers were, luckily they only knew about one of my 5 year old son, Jacobs accidents and they giggled  so hard about that I didn't dare let them know of another.

nicole wrote at 2012-05-27 03:09:16
I have 5 children and am going to Disney this summer and have decided that my three girls ages 8, 7, and 3, and my youngest son, 4, will not be wearing diapers of any kind but my 5 year old son is a bedwetter and I think it best to put him in pull ups for the trip

a girl wrote at 2012-07-15 14:24:29
I am a girl 14 and my sister is 12.we went to disney world last summer and our parents made us wear disposable diapers with plastic pants over them when we traveled and also at the park.our mom had a bag with extra diapers and plastic pants in it for us and when we wet we canged our diapers in a private place.we wore the diapers and plastic pants to bed as well.

nicole wrote at 2012-07-27 20:01:06
Thanks guys for the help. The trip was a great success. My 5 year old declined the diapers, but I bought some pull-ups for just in cars and I'm glad I did. He wet his pants before we hit the airport. I'm not sure which embarrassed him more, the fact that he wet his pants, or that he was the only one in pull-ups.  His brother wet the bed one night but I overlooked that.

fatherof2 wrote at 2012-08-04 17:21:10
hi my kids always wear diapers 24 and are 12 and 7 as a precaution in case of accidents and when i went to a theme park i too wore one in case i am 32

Hollyship wrote at 2012-08-06 20:50:48
What is wrong with you people I bet over 70% of the parents posting th,is crap are overweight. Come on America stop being so lazy u can't even take your kids to the restroom take ur diapers to the gym and pick up some self respect on the way

patrick wrote at 2012-08-09 23:31:08
My family of 3 went this summer and let me just say I wish I had seen this page sooner.  My two daughters ( 3 and 4) were fine, but my son (7) wet the bed the first night. I brushed that off as an accident but he wet his pants 4 times the next day so I bought him pull-ups and convinced him to wear them the rest of the two week trip. he ended up going through two whole packages. Poor guy he was so embarrassed when he wet in line for dumbo and two year olds were laughing.

Kelly wrote at 2012-08-12 20:59:04
This worked great for my kids. My daughters are 7, 9, and 14. We had them all in pull-ups for the vaction. My two youngest had a couple accidents on the trip to the hotel the night prior, so the pull-ups worked out great. When we were at the park, both my youngest ended up wetting their pull-ups a few times, and each needing a couple changes. I sure was glad they were not in their regular underwear like any other day. It proved very helpful for my youngest two to be in pull-ups. My oldest held out the best, the entire trip she only ended up wetting her pull-up once in the park and one more time in bed at the hotel afterwards. It saved us from having to deal with wet pants and having to bring extra clothes and more stress. For our next trip, we are going to do the same thing, except my oldest won't be wearing one next time.  

Margaret wrote at 2012-08-12 23:36:03
I'm a 16 year old girl. A couple years ago I went to Disney World with my family and me and my younger sister both wore pull-ups for the trip. I hated it at first, but after I ended up accidentally wetting my pull-up in line for one of the rides, I was REALLY glad I had one on. If not, all the people there would of saw that I had an accident. But instead, nobody even knew, and I was able to still go on the rides, even though I had on a wet pull-up. After that, I was so thankful that my mom knew I would need one. I was able to enjoy the whole trip without anyone knowing that I had an accident at 14. My sister was 10 at the time, and she ended up wetting her pull-up twice in the park, then once again at the hotel that night. (while she was sleeping) The next day we went to Universal Studios and both of us wore pull-ups again. I didnít have another accident that day, but my sister ended wetting her pull-up one time in the park, then one more time on the ride back to the hotel. We were both SO glad we had them on. Me and my sister would have been so embarrassed if people saw us pee in our pants at 10 and 14.

Itís a really good idea to have your kids wear protection to Disney World or amusement parks. It saves a lot of stress and makes thing more worry free.  

Jaime wrote at 2012-08-13 07:04:54
When we went to Disney world all three of my kids 5, 7, and 10 wore diapers in the park. We still had them go to the restroom like normal, but wanted to be safe. It sure helped out a lot. My two youngest each ended up having a couple accidents while we were in line for rides, and trying to move through slow-moving crowds. My 10 year old did really Well. She had a couple close calls, but still managed to keep her diaper dry for most of the day. She didn't end up wetting hers until we were making our way out of the park. We will be going back next year, and this time I'm only going to have my two younger kids in diapers, and my oldest in pull-ups.

whoisme wrote at 2012-08-18 02:18:44
when I was 10 i went to DW and had to wear diapers the whole time it sucked being soaked all day and waiting to get changed, because my dad figured htat since they were diapers it didnt matter if they were wet or dry babys dont care.

Neal wrote at 2012-09-05 14:48:47
The only reason why diapers are Taboo, is because when adults and/or parents make it that way. If kids know that diapers are not all bad in a positive attitude, then they'll be better off, whether they need diapers or will be nicer to someone who does.  

get in the right mind wrote at 2012-09-11 21:36:19
why not wear Depends max it can hold a lot of pee

or use diapers pullups underjams goodnites witecloud topcare or just then and there

hope u all have fun wetting and pooping ur pants/diapers

like princess peach dose

Jake wrote at 2012-10-08 22:30:38
That's a good idea. In places where you can't always make it to the toilet, diapers can be a good way to go. Whether it's at Disneyland, a movie theatre, a concert, etc. Contrary to popular belief, you're never too old, or too young to wear diapers. You don't have to be physically disabled, or mentally retarded.

Lynnk2104 wrote at 2012-12-09 20:10:27
I wore dipaers fulltime from age 9 and older.  I managed to get by with diapers and everything worked out fine.  If it makes the trip to Disney nicer, I say go with the diapers.  No one will know at Disney and you will never see them again anyway.  Go forth diapered and have a blast with no wetting worries.

chis wrote at 2012-12-15 23:38:57
Holy crap....are you all for real? Really?.....really? What is this world coming to?

anned wrote at 2012-12-28 09:53:02
While not going to Disneyland till i was 18 My parents did let  me wear  diapers when traveling till about age 12.

I am now 61 and i wear Attends overnight Protective Underwear when traveling. If you have ever been caught on a Los Angeles freeway at a full stop for hours you will know what i am talking about.

i just see diapers as a handy protective underwear for anyone.  

Cindy wrote at 2013-01-21 04:54:41
My family just came back from Disney world for a week. We did all the theme parks. I have one girl age 6 and we put her in Pampers size 7 which fit her just fine (she's tall and skinny).

We did it the entire week while there. She wears them to bed for bedwetting so she doesn't mind to wear them. When we went to Micky Mouse play area where they get to play in the playground we just put a panty over it (she was wearing a skirt) to make it less obvious.

To be honest, while at the playground we spotted 2 other older kids wearing them too a 5 year old looking boy and another girl around 6. This is very normal when you go to parks and people shouldn't think twice not doing it.

When we fly on planes on overnight trips she uses them too.  

Smith wrote at 2013-01-29 00:35:20
Our 9 year old daughter still wets the bed, so she wears pull-ups at night. For our vacation, we decided to have her to stay in her pull-ups full time. She was just a little embarrassed about, but really didnít mind. She had already been through three pull-ups by the end of day one, and it was an eight day trip. So then we decided to just have her wear diapers the entire time instead. She was a little embarrassed about wearing diapers in public, but she ended up admitting to us that she was more comfortable in them. She said everything was more fun and she liked being able to go in her diaper instead of worrying about peeing in her pants. We now diaper her for all of our road trips or vacations and it works out great.  

Ashley wrote at 2013-01-29 00:55:18
Hi, my name is Ashley, but I'm not going to give my last name!

When I was 11 my mom made me wear a diaper in Disney World. It was nice because I was worried about peeing in my pants, but it didnít matter when I was in a diaper. I did end up having an accident and nobody even knew because I had my diaper on. After that, my mom said it would be fine for me to stay in diapers until we got home. It was really nice being able to go in my diaper and have my mom change me without anyone knowing.

So I think itís a good idea. Iím glad nobody saw me peeing in my pants. I was even allowed to stay in a diaper at night, and it was really nice not waking up in a wet bed! The only down side was that I started wetting my bed again when the vacation was over because I got used to my diapers.  

Briana Clarkson wrote at 2013-01-31 01:16:58
Glad to see that itís more common than originally thought.

I thought it was a good idea for my three kids to be in diapers on our two day road trip to Disney world. My kids are 5, 8, and 14. I have an older child who is 18, but he was not with us on this trip. Anyway, all three of the others wore diapers in the car because of the possibility of not making it to rest stops on time. Day one of the trip, my 14 year old did not have any accidents, but my younger two both wet there diapers. It didnít matter to me, because thatís what they were in them for. The problem was that my 8 year old never mentioned that she had to pee, and would just go in her diaper whenever she had to without telling us. So by the time we would make it to a rest room to change my 5 year old son, thatís when my 8 year old would admit to me that she needed a diaper change too. On day two my 14 year old decided that she did not need to wear one, so only the younger two were in them that day. We made our way for another rest stop because they all three had to go. When we got there, we rushed the 5 year old in and he made it. BUT, both my 14 year old and 8 year old didnít make it. It was frustrating because my 14 year old decided to take her diaper off that day and my 8 year old was saying she didnít have to go that bad, because she already peed in her diaper. It was at this point that we decided that all three would have to remain in there diapers the entire trip. From that point on they were all much more happy that they were allowed to go in there diapers freely and that we would only stop when all three of them were wet. It saved allot of time and even my 14 year old didnít mind being back in diapers full time. When we were actually in the park it was more stress free. Instead of having to make a stop at the rest room every hour like we would have had to, we only had to stop every few hours for a diaper change. My 14 year old was able to do it herself, but I still had to do it for my younger two. I know that for now on this is the only way to go.  I know this sounds a little out of the ordinary, but Iíve talked to other parents who have had to do the same thing. Now after seeing this page, I really donít feel so bad about it.  

Anonymous wrote at 2013-02-09 00:53:00
Look, when I went to Disney I was 16, I didn't go with my parents, but girls pf my same age... I wore pads to protect little leaks, but I had some little accidents, and couldn't enjoy some attractions because I wanted to pee. I think diapers is not so bad, I would consider Goodnites or something like that next time, it is not so nice to have to be hiding a little spot of pee in your pants or loose an attraction just because you want to go...

fatherof2 wrote at 2013-02-11 20:20:28
i have just got back from disney and i have planned to put both of my lovley daughters (age 9 and 13) in pull ups for the trip and they wet lots of times they got changed at the end of each day but did not mind this, there was about one wetting per day and i make them wear diapers to school because of the school toilet hygene

i wore depends for the trip i wet twice in the first day because i was driving for up to 3 hours.

sean wrote at 2013-02-20 13:46:34
my 8 year old son wets the bed, so he wears diapers to bed so when we went to florida and did disney and i suggested to him he wore diapers in the theme parks and he seemed ok with it and he did have some accidents but thats what diapers are for. but we did use the toilet when necessary, he did become quite attached to them though but it was well worth it because it saved embarrassment for him. also there were times when he would just pee in them without asking that he needed to go. nothing wrong with it  

alias wrote at 2013-03-04 18:29:22
My kids 13/14/9 all wore diapers they all didn't mind. My oldest had a lot of accidents and my other two kids barelly had an my kids are all boyys and ii haqve tthem all in underjams they are just like underwear but with padding. My kids all have accidents at home they all have small bladders and they all are fetish with diapers my kids go through a box a day.

Miranda wrote at 2013-03-28 20:11:54
My twin 14 year olds (boy and girl) have had absolutely no problem with accidental wetting before, but before we left, I asked them if they wanted to to have protection, just in case. My daughter said yes, and my son no. We got to WDW, with my daughter in a diaper, and within a couple of hours, my daughter had had an accident in her diaper, and my son in his pants. It was really embarrassing for him, but I had brought spares for my daughter. Over the 4 days, they each had at least one wetting per day. I would recommend pull-ups (which we now use for long journeys) as they are easier for the child to get on and off.  

Amanda wrote at 2013-03-29 23:11:43
I peed in my pants at Disney World when I was 11. My little sister was 9 and she was allowed to wear a diaper. But I wasnít allowed to because I was older, so later I peed in my pants and everybody saw it. I was so mad that my sister was allowed to pee and poop in her diaper and not get in trouble because she was younger. She had her diaper changed like three times that day. Then she went back to wearing regular underwear when we got back. I was totally not fair. If you let your kids wear protection, donít do it by age. Let whoever needs it have it.  

Taylor wrote at 2013-03-29 23:43:54
I asked my kids (4, 7, and 9) if they would be ok in the park and would not have any accidents. I knew it was inevitable for my 4 year old, so he wore diapers. I gave my other two the option of whether or not they would like to be in protection. My 9 year old said no, and my 7 year old said she wanted to wear pull-ups. As time was going by on our flight there, my 4 and 7 year old had each wet their diapers pull-ups in the airport and on the flight. So they had a couple changes already. My 9 year old stayed on top of things and didnít have any accidents during the travel time.

While we were in the park, it was a similar story. My youngest two were having a great time, but every now and then I could tell that my 7 year old had something else going on. I would quietly ask her if she was wet and she would nod and say that she peed in her pull-up. We tried to be real discrete about the entire thing. Later on, my 9 year old said she had to go really bad. She thought she could make it so we held our place in line for one of the rides. As time passed by, she was really concerned about making it to the bathroom. So we got out of line and made our way to the restroomÖThe wrong way, we got to where we thought it was, then when we realized we were in the wrong area, she stood still for a few seconds and started peeing in her pants. She started to cry once she had her accident so we made our way to the rest room. When we got there, I gave her an extra skirt that we brought (because of the water rides) for her to put on. But I didnít have an extra pair of underwear, and hers was soaked. It was at this point that she said she wanted to wear a pull-up under her skirt. I gave one to her and she put it on. She was still really upset about her accident, but got over it pretty quick as we continued on with the day. When we were in line for another ride a few hours later, it happened again. She said she had to go but didnít want to get out of line. I said it would be fine if we left so she could use the restroom. But she said she would make it until after the ride. We were really close to getting on the ride when all of the sudden a scared look came across her face as she stood still for a minute. She didnít say anything, but I was well aware of what just happened. She looked so embarrassed but didnít mention what the reason for it was. We just got on the ride and had a good time. When we got off, she whispered to me that she needed another pull up. So it was clear to me that things would have been much easier if I had just put all three of my kids in diapers the entire time. I asked them what they thought about the idea, and they said they wouldnít mind. So on our flight back, all three of them wore diapers and didnít have to worry about a thing for the rest of the time. They said they would like to wear diapers every time we travel and go on vacation. They said they donít want to wear them any other time though, so that is good. I Know how I will handle situations like this for now on.

I know this is an odd story, but seeing how other people have been through very similar, I had to let this out.  

Mark wrote at 2013-04-09 02:21:27
It's interesting reading all these stories of people putting their kids in diapers. I can't speak for all kids, but when I was a kid, I can assure you I would flat-out refuse to wear a diaper to Disney. Ironically, I'm fine with wearing a diaper as an adult since it's my choice, and that of my girlfriend as well.

I've tried just about every brand out there, both store-bought and online-only brands.The best I've found so far is the Bambino Bellissimo. It absorbs enough to last all day without a change, and has odor protection. They're relatively expensive, but you get what you pay for. This is why you won't find them at your local store. Some stores will have Molicare, which are also very absorbent, but they don't have odor protection like Bambinos do.

So why do I choose to wear a diaper as an adult? It's fun and convenient. I started in high school when friends did it as a joke. Well, they stopped, but I kept wearing lol. I got my girlfriend into diapers when she got jealous of mine. Now we wear together and it's fun knowing we have a secret nobody else knows. We wear to Disney too since we're Disney nuts. I can attest to the convenience factor. We keep it discreet and hygienic, so we don't see the harm.

Amy wrote at 2013-07-18 20:39:09
I posted here in March 2012 about my then 9 year old son. Even though he still peed his pants day and night occasionally, I was astounded to see older kids in diapers or pullups at Disney and never would have considered it for him. But after a bit of time thinking, I reversed course and thought it might be a good idea if wore pullups and I was proven right with 1-2 accidents each day.

Well, we finally went back, this past week. He just turned 11 and like many other boys his age, he still pees his pants and wets his bed from time to time. He's a really good kid and we were happy to go back to Anaheim. But I approached him before the trip and told him he's be in pullups again for Disney World. He has not worn them since last time, so he was a bit upset again. But he agreed.

In the few days leading up to the trip, his accidents got more frequent, as he wet his pants every day. The day before, he was watching Dora The Explorer and making fun of it, because he's "too big of a kid" for that show...but I know he secretly likes it. But then, after doing a bit of a potty dance, started to wet his pants and then have to sprint for the potty, which he arrived too late at. I was a little upset - it was his 8th daytime accident in 5 days, so I told him he needed to start his pullups early. He cried but didn't fight. Two hours later we are at the dog kennel dropping the dog off and he urgently tugs at my arm and tells me has to go potty, and I rushed him up there, but he wet himself before he could get to the potty. The rest of the night he used the potty okay, and woke up dry the following morning.

Well, the accidents came fast and furious from there. Peed himself at the airport and on the plane, just from playing video games too long. Here comes the 2-year-old in him!

I think he peed in the potty maybe four times during the 7 days we were there, and those only happened because I sat him on the potty at the hotel as a precaution. He would always tell me he had to go and try to make it, but he clearly just didn't know he had to go until it was an absolute emergency and had no way to make it to the potty in time. And again, he pooped his pants once too. Every accident he had, I just hugged him and acted like it was no big deal (which I didn't think it was) and handed him a dry pullup to change.

This time when we got home, because of the tons of accidents, I kept him in pullups and told him he'd get big boy underwear back when he was using the potty more consistently. I thought it would take maybe a day.

Well, he's still in pullups 6 days later. He is having 3-4 pee accidents every day, and has wet the bed every night now for about 2 and a half weeks. I'm using regular diapers at night because he pees through the pullups overnight. I'm not sure if maybe I enabled a regression here? I can tell he's upset by this and feels he can't play with his friends now, even though I tell him they'll never know. We're going to the movies in a bit and I think I am going to have him wear one of the diapers instead of his pullups because he's going to drink lots of soda, there's no way he'll get to the potty in time and it'll be easier for me to just change his diaper than have him change his own pullup there. We ran out of pullups the first morning we were back from Disney so I had to have him just wear the diapers for a day instead and he was mortified but I didn't have a choice! I changed him all day and I think it hurt his confidence, hence even more accidents. But he's peeing through the pullups during the day a bit now too, so I'm halfway tempted to just use diapers while I try to train him. Hmmmm.....

goodnites xl rock wrote at 2013-08-17 22:17:22
i there now with 5 friends iam 20 then then he age gose down with each friend 15-20 and we are all in goodnites xl.wait....... i just went poopy as i saying i will putt my kds if i have kid later in pull ups goodnite or depends or every day day diapers.. wait...............i just wet my diaper. diaper for kids teens and adults are good wear any and all times. i got to now i have goodnites full of poop and its all wet i need to go change myself.. all no i think iam pooping and wetting right now i have and full loaded diaper

goodnites xl rock wrote at 2013-08-17 22:17:31
i there now with 5 friends iam 20 then then he age gose down with each friend 15-20 and we are all in goodnites xl.wait....... i just went poopy as i saying i will putt my kds if i have kid later in pull ups goodnite or depends or every day day diapers.. wait...............i just wet my diaper. diaper for kids teens and adults are good wear any and all times. i got to now i have goodnites full of poop and its all wet i need to go change myself.. all no i think iam pooping and wetting right now i have and full loaded diaper

Anna wrote at 2013-09-13 05:21:06
A few years back my family went to disney world. Before going I asked if anyone wanted to wear diapers just in case, but they all said no. The plane ride went smoothly and they all went straight to bed when we got to the hotel. Well apparently they were so tire that my 10 year old twins (boy and girl), and my 12 year old girl forgot to pee, and ended up wetting the bed. Surprisingly enough, my 7 year old daughter was the dry one. None of them knew about the other's accidents, so I asked them all privately if they were sure they didn't want protection, but again they said no. In the park everything was going good. My 12 year old told me she had to pee, so we headed to the bathroom while daddy took the others on a ride. There was a line for the bathrooms, but she said she could hold it. We get inside and had to wait for a stall, but right as the last one opened up, I heard a moan and look over to see a puddle forming on the ground under her feet. Luckily she was wearing a sundress, so I made her remove the wet panties and throw them away. I was smart and had brought an extra pair for in case my 7 year old had an accident. She almost cried when the panties were loose on her. After this, she told me she wanted to get diapers, and I agreed to the idea. The other children never knew, even though she had about six accidents total over our two week trip. My son had one accident, but it was at the end of the line for splash mountain, so we hid that pretty well. All in all, bring something just in case.

aspergers wrote at 2013-10-11 11:26:31
I think a line must be drawn here..

A child under five at Disney world is one thing.

Putting a child in a diaper to reduce the risk of a potty accident is another.

Still a Disabled child or Incontinent Adult who needs to wear diapers is yet another thing as well.

I would consider it completely normal, for any child under the age of five, to be in in diapers at Disney World.

But unless a child over the age of five has a history of potty accidents or a medical problem there is no need for them to be in diapers.

A Disabled child, adult or an Incontinent child or adult that needs to wear diapers for medical reasons is also completely normal.

Disney World is known to give out a range of priority pass's so  you can get to the front of the line on a ride or even the front of the line for the the bathroom.

There are well over 400 assorted Bathrooms in Disney World. This excludes the Adult Changing facilities, located in the First Aid stations, for Severely Disabled people who require Carres to assist with personal care. (you get the idea)

I would guess that on an average day Disney World has something like 250,000 customers, excluding staff. That would mean that per day, between the hotels and the different parks there are around 2.02 million customers on land owned by Disney World.

400 bathrooms can not be used simultaneously and the average person takes around 3 minutes. So 400*0.3 /2.02 million = 59

That means at any one point in time there are 59 bathrooms that are not being used !

Just think if parents of children over the age of five can't be  bothered to limit their child's fluid intake, and take them to a bathroom at regular intervals ? I would say potty accidents are not the child's fault anyway, it would be the parent's fault.

A child's Bladder continues to grow until Puberty finishes.  

Dan wrote at 2013-10-12 15:27:43
I am 69 years old and as a bed wetting teen had to wear diapers at night, and on any trip 2 hr. or more ( this is still true today). Back then we had only cloth diapers and rubber pants for protection. My mother agreed to take me to Disney Land in Ca. but I would have to be in diapers for the entire trip of 4 days. We would be staying at her sisters home near the park. We took the bus and my mother made sure to triple diaper me for the 6 hr. trip. I was in my shorts with the snaps for easy diaper changes. The sister and her 2 daughters ages 10 and 16 picked us up at the station. My diapers were soaked and my mother asked if she could change my wet diapers before we got into the park. The sister was aware of my diapers, but the girls were not. My mother changed me in the back of their station wagon with all looking on. I had 2 more diaper changes at the park one included a BM. My shorts were not much of a cover over the thick diapers and rubber pants They were puffed out in the front and back, but no one seamed to care but me. I felt less concerned and had a great time. My mother had the right idea, protection is always better that wet pants.

Norman Byrnes wrote at 2014-01-23 13:01:03
If you don't feel comfortable wearing diapers problem is on you , Because I say that is carrying four pairs of underwear ,socks and pants and they are not going to let you take this stuff on the rides . If you think for a minute what is easy , stack four pairs of under and pants and socks in one pile , Then stack four  diapers and pull ups and see what pile you might carry . Kids do know the difference ,Some kids are going to have accidents , But kids wet their  pants more then mess pants . I'm just saying it's up to you just keep open mind , what works you may not work for them .

aspie wrote at 2014-02-02 09:02:28
Here is my view on this.

So I had a rather Abusive childhood, and because of the trauma of my past I grew up as an Adult Baby not by choice but as a way to find comfort and security.

I recently went to Disney World Paris wear I observed more kids in wet and soiled pants than I could count. On the flip side there were more people in diapers than I could count as well, and not just children. It seems adults have taken to wearing diapers to cut down toilet time at Disney as well as putting kids in diapers.

I don't see the problem with this, you diaper up, wait in line, fill your pants, ride the ride and than you go change. The entire time it stays nice and warm and no one knows that you wet or soiled yourself. This saves on dignity and keeps your pee / poop warm. Wear as if you wet / poop your pants it will go cold very quickly and will be obvious for all to see.

The up side is if your wearing a decent diaper and not just some rubbish store brand diaper, and you wet yourself in line you don't have to change straight away you could probably go on another ride or even have something to eat. Decent diapers can hold up to 4 wetting's. but if you soil yourself change straight away.

At Paris there were adults and kids with great big diaper bulges getting on the rides, sure the kids are one thing especially the younger ones, but the adults should know bettor ! They are supposed to be parents setting a good example not a stage for psychological damage in the future.

I wear because I already have psychological and emotional damage, I find it comforting to regress to a time when I did not have to worry, when I did not have any responsibility and did not have to do anything for myself, for me that is role playing as a 1 year old. I do this privately in my own room.

I think the whole Diapers at Disney is going the way of Japan and becoming a normality, this is wrong. If Diapers at Disney doe go this way than soon society will take the view that diapers are normal item of clothing to wear just like Japan does, and that will be harmful for the next generation.  

anonymous wrote at 2014-02-22 07:25:43
Is this just an American thing? I honestly have never heard of this happening in another country, it's disgraceful why would you want your kid regressing into a toddler just so that you can save time, the only excuse is if the kid is less than 7 yrs old other than that it is unacceptable

jimbopns wrote at 2014-02-26 22:45:16
I too have wirn diapers and plastic pants at a theme parks. My mom started with me when i was 10. i srill had bedwetting accidents at night so i just wore diapers. then first time i went to disney iwas 10 was in diapers and plastic pants the whole time. The next time when i was 16 mom still had me use diapers. The last time was with my wife and daughter who was 9 and my mother, i was 42. Guess what i was still ni diapers and plastic pants. Did not have to worry about the long lines or trying to find bathrooms.

dryone wrote at 2014-03-17 05:44:48
I was a 14 year old boy with a 12 year old sister when we were forced into diapers for a long trip.  The diapers were "just in case" but dad stopped whenever we needed to go. To emphasize that the diapers were only for emergency mom told us that if either of us needed a change, it would be the other doing the change. My sister was very embarrassed when I changed her after her first "emergency".  You can be sure that was the only time either of used the diaper.

Tzvy wrote at 2014-04-13 04:58:49
This happened nearly forty years ago. My fourteen year old friend Henry and his newly acquired stepsister Ann were put into diapers and plastic pants for their parents' honeymoon drive from Brooklyn to Niagara Falls. As an inducement to control themselves they were told that if they used the diaper they would have to be changed and wiped by each other in the car or when they got to the motel. Three hours into the trip he wet and half an hour later his stepsister did the same.  When her father made the first stop a little later they had to stay in the car or get changed in the public toilet, so they stayed in the car. A little later Ann gave up and pooped her diaper.  They were both terribly embarrassed at changing each other and Henry wasn't happy wiping Ann's poop.  They also shared a motel room for the week.  He told me that since they had seen each other naked they showered together and began fooling around. Before the week was over they were doing 69s every night. A couple of months later they went all the way.  End result: Married, happily, with five kids.  

hanna wrote at 2014-06-21 09:42:26

Its good to see so manny answers that say thats its not a big thing to wear protection for special situations like this! So i dont feel so alone

Me (14) and my siblings (7 year old sis and 15 year old brother)always get asked to wear diapers or pullups for longer trips cause we al have bedweting issues. But its never a big deal for us i dont have a  probleme to wear my goodnites when we are out, if an accidentent its better to have it in my goodnites then in my pants. My sister thinks the same but my brother stops wearing them but he is older and doing better then us at night .

We sadly never been to a disneypark so far but if we would i would have no problem to wear pullups there.

Im sure if you are able to see other peoples underwear you would wonder how many older kids wear protection in amuisement parks ;)

Smith wrote at 2014-07-17 09:57:54
Kind of an opposite story to the rest of these, my family went to Disneyland when I was 8, and wetting the bed almost every night.  Normally at home I just had a plastic sheet, and would wash the linens every day, but my parents decided I should wear diapers to bed on the trip to protect our camper's and motel beds.  I was excited to wear diapers!  The first night I held in my pee all day so when I went to bed with my diaper on, I unleashed a flood into them.  In the morning I held off on taking off the diaper as long as I could, and I peed while eating breakfast at the table.  I thought "how convenient, I could get used to this!".  It was when I tried to go outside in my soaked diaper that my parents made me change.  That day while on the highway, I came up with an idea.  I pretended to fall asleep, then purposely wet my pants.  My brother, sitting next to me, quickly noticed and 'woke me up'.  For the rest of the trip I got to wear diapers in the truck, and I certainly used them.  When we stopped driving for the day, I'd keep my diaper on until my bedtime diaper, and I'd keep that one on until we were leaving.  I thought I was being sneaky, but my parents caught on.  On the second day along the coast highway, with nowhere to pull over, I told them I had to poop.  My dad said " just go in your diaper.  There's nowhere to pull over, and you haven't used a toilet in days anyhow.". I didn't have to pretend any more!  I spent the whole 3 weeks using only my diapers at Disneyland, universal studios, San Diego zoo, and sea world, as well as the nature campsites along the Cali, Oregon, and Washington coast.

I think it was very handy for those places, especially Universal where lines were huge, bathrooms were scarce, and I had a huge cup of soda with unlimited refills, haha.  The folks who posted before about controlling your intake of fluids are forgetting that its a vacation.  Who wants to worry about that on vacation?

mom of 2 wrote at 2014-09-19 08:13:56
Not disneyworld but disneyland resort Paris I went last year with my two daugters (7 and 13) my sis and her 14 year old daughter -my niece.

It was no question that my younger daughter would wear her drynites through the ride, at the park and when sleeping in the hotle - she still has to many accidents.

With my older daughter i had some discussions before, she sometimes still wet the bed and she finaly agreed to wear them at least at our hotel to bed, her older cousin allready knew it and is a good girl for not teasing my girls.

At our second day my older daugter hhad an accident in her pants. I told her if this would happen once more she also had to wear them through the day. It happened the other day..

So the last two days on our vacation both of my daughters had to explore the park in pullups. My older daughter was of course not veryx happy about but i think the joy of this beautiful place compensates it

DonkereWolf wrote at 2014-10-18 10:55:36
I am a 35 year old male. I "suffer" from an extremely shy bladder. This, on longer trips (either by car, motorbike, plane, whatever) can put me in true agony. Imagine the discomforts of a full bladder, but being unable to go.

I've started wearing diapers on longer trips purely out of practicality. Whenever I am wearing, the shyness does not seem to bother me. Mostly -I think-, because no one can see or know when I am urinating (no, I do not soil).

Especially when being on a motorbike with my full gear on, making a toilet stop is a hassle.

Imagine having to undress yourself in a nasty, smelly 1 x 1 meter toilet stall. No thanks. I rather pull over, stretch my legs a bit, and just let it go. Much better!

To get back to the subject of kids in diapers in a theme-park...

Seems like a good solution to me. But only if the boy or girl in question is left a choice. It should be a convenience, not obligatory.

Diapers should not be a taboo. In stead, they should simply be seen as a form of protective wear. There is no question about their practicality in a lot of situations. Only for people to get over their prejudice.

Katrina wrote at 2014-10-25 10:16:35
I am 13 years old now but 3 years ago when I was 10 my and my family went to Walt Disney world in Florida. I had to wear GoodNites, like pull ups, there while i was there. I wear them to bed at home because I was wetting my bed. I have 2 more sisters and 1 brother. My 1 sister and my brother had to wear them too. My brother wore a diaper there because he was 6 then and my sister wore the pull ups because she was 7 but my older sister didn't have to wear anything. I had problems holding it long enough back then but i didn't really pee my pants a lot but my parents made me wear the goodnites there. At first I really hated it. I didn't want to wear them there but had to. We all still got to go to the bathrooms when we asked to but little sister and brother had went in their pull ups a lot when we were there. I had to go in mine a few times because i had some accidents there. Me and my sister only used them for peeing in. I guess it was better than peeing in my pants because I would probably had some accidents there.My mom and dad told us they were only for accidents and we had to to try and keep them dry as long as possible. It was good I guess because when we had to change after going in them all we had to do was go in the bathroom and take them off and throw them away and put a new one on. Me and my sister kept them hidden under our dresses so no on would see us wearing them there. It felt really weird wearing them there the first day but after that it was like I forgot about them a lot. I really didn't want to wear pull ups there but it was way better than peeing in my pants. That would have been worse to me.  

Lisa wrote at 2014-10-25 15:42:44
As a mom to three older kids(1 boy 11, 1 girl 9 and 1 boy 5) I think diapers and pull ups for day time use on accident prone kids can be really helpful. I've done it in the past and continue to do it to this day. My 11 yr old son is past all this now but with my daughter and younger son, they both wear some type of protection for trips, vacations and special occasions. both my younger 2 still wet their beds frequently and both are prone to some daytime wetting accidents. While we haven't been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, we have been to Cedar Point(Ohio) many times as we live close by. My daughter and son both wear diapers at home for their bed wetting. What I discovered with accident prone kids is that with the excitement and activities that they will likely suffer a bladder accident in an amusement park. They are hot so they'll be drinking excessive amounts of liquids and less likely to pay attention to their signals because of the excitement. I learned this the hard way on one trip so now my daughter and son are both in diapers when we go to Cedar Point.  This past summer's visit there was no excuse. My young son, obviously needed them and couldn't care less he was in a diaper. It took me convincing my daughter a little bit more work. I can say with experience, it was well worth it. A few tips from me though, 1, Let them continue to use the restrooms when they have to and ask to. 2, Dress them appropriately to accommodate the diapers, disguising effect on clothing and ease of any changes too. 3, Do not punish for any use of the diapers, that's why they are in them in the first place, don't even sound disgusted when you find out one of them had an accident. 4, Try your best to only change them on their terms, find the most private areas as you can and do what you can to help them keep their secret a secret.

Diapers on older kids can be well worth it because they allow you to manage their accidents in a discreet way. As a back up to restroom use, they can buy you extra time if the child needs it and can't make it there in their own time. A few times my daughter told me she had to go but by the time we got to a restroom, she had already went in her diapers. On an exciting family adventure, diapers allowed us all to have a great time without worrying anyone of their bladder problems. No clothing changes are necessary and accidents are kept private when your child is in a diaper, no one ever knows they just peed themselves. I would recommend diapers on older kids if the terms are met and it's done with respect to the child and it's a useful need for diapers. My daughter was upset at first at being put into a day time diaper but after the first accident, it proved to her she still had a need for them. After that she had a better time since she had no worries about wetting herself in public and when she did, no one but her knew it.

Just some advice from a caring and loving mom.  

Laureen wrote at 2014-12-05 16:36:14
I totaly agree with Lisa. If you have accident prone kids, diapers or pullups are the best choice for a pleasant, carefree stay in an amusement park -no matter how old they are.

My daughter is 10 now and is still accident prone day and night so she don't complain when i suggest her to wear her nightime goodnites for special reasons like a trip to a theme park.

This summer when we went to a park one of her friends and her mother were with us.

My daughters friend is also a bedwetter but she made a big fuss when we (her mom, i and even my daughter) suggested her to wear a goodnite too, but she refused so her mom let her go without....

So..our second day had to end earlier than espected, cause we had to go back to our hotel to change wet pants...

Ember wrote at 2014-12-08 20:22:40
Are you all mentally disabled or just lazy parents?!?

What the hades is wrong with all of you?

Do you all have no sense of dignity for yourselves and your children?

I recommend therapy and parenting classes for 99% of you.

This is why Americans are frowned upon, viewed as lowly, uneducated twits and I genuinely feel sorry for your children and anyobe disgraced with knowing slovenly guttersnipes like you.  

Just curious wrote at 2014-12-15 23:31:25
Anna wrote at 2013-09-13 05:21:06

Hi Anna,

I was curious,   you wrote

"Luckily she was wearing a sundress, so I made her remove the wet panties and throw them away. I was smart and had brought an extra pair for in case my 7 year old had an accident. She almost cried when the panties were loose on her. "

Your 12 year old had the accident and you had extra panties for your 7 yr old that you put on her,  is that correct?   So your 12 yr old must be smaller then your 7 year old if the panties were loose on her.   Just wondering about that.

But I think at that point I would have insisted in putting a pull up on her for the rest of the day.

Jane wrote at 2014-12-16 08:19:51
At our last trip to disney i was also diapered, but i dealt with it.

Since i am a lifelong bedwetter, mom didnt want to have me in wet pants there, so she said wearing diapers or no disney - i agreed.

Sure it was kinda embarassing and i'm sure some people had noticed my pampered butt, but it was okay..i had two accidents there not counting the 3 nights we spent in hotel, so i guess it was less embarassing than running around there with wet pants.

Mom also changed me at the family restrooms there and others saw but it was my own will to had my hair with pigtails and wearing childish dresses to look younger. I was 11 that year but maybe looked like 6 or 7 and was pretty sure that other 6, 7 year olds were diapered too (or at least look like lol)

After all it was a cool vacation

Mom wrote at 2015-04-03 17:58:10
Diapers to Disney are a must. Constant waiting lines and queue lines restrict access to the bathroom. Being a mother of 5 (17 y/o girl, 15 y/o boy, 13 y/o girl, 11 y/o girl and 8 y/o girl), I made it a rule that diapers must be on 24/7 during our stay. You may tell me this is excessive, but listen, after the park closes and we return to the hotel, the stress of waiting and exhaustion of standing the whole day take a toll on the kids, so diapers are more than necessary. I also do "diaper checks" every hour, on the hour. The bathroom may only be used for poop only, and all pee must be done in their diapers. I suggest that you keep your kids diapered in anywhere from 2-5 diapers, depending on the gender. My boys are heavy wetters, so they both came to the parks in 5 diapers a day. It got a little thick, but I discovered leaks into the 4th diaper during our changing time. My girls were in 2 diapers only. ALWAYS CARRY EXTRAS. my teenage girl took her diapers off in anger in the bathroom, so I diapered her in 5, just like the boys (she was wearing a skirt, adding to the embarrassment). And make sure to have changing time(s). Find a picnic bench somewhere discreet to perform checks or changes. I never actually "changed" them, only added extra diapers to both save time and prevent leaks

Matthew atchley wrote at 2015-04-14 00:38:33
I think it's good to were pull- ups at Disney world I went there at 10 years old and peed my pants iam going this summer Ina a diaper at age 12 turning 13

3;s mommy wrote at 2015-04-20 10:07:15
Using diapers on long trips on those out of diapers can work both ways being a help in case of an accident or a hindrance in that the child may balk at wearing the diapers.  Recently we went to vacation with our 2 bedwetters a boy 4 and a girl 7.  At home cloth diapers and rubber pants are worn by both in bed.  They both wet heavily and I found that the cloth diapers and rubber pants protect better than pullups.  When we went on vacation I used disposable diapers under their rubber pants.  I brought the rubber pants along for extra protection against leaks.  Having the rubber pants along was a good thing because it gave me piece of mind in that we wouldn't be waking up during the night with wet beds because the diaper leaked.

Sapphire wrote at 2015-04-20 11:18:31
As a parent I feel it is absurd putting kids of 8,10,12,14etc in Diapers you have spent all that time and energy toilet training the child then you either go on long car journeys or theme parks like Disney World and what do you do stick a diaper on them!.  You are defeating the original object of toilet training . I took my children to theme Parks and on Long journeys and had no trouble with toilet stops etc; as one poster said it looks as they are a case for Infantilism  they will get an uncontrollable urge to have to wear Diapers and plastic pants a form of an obsession compulsive disorder .  

Tim wrote at 2015-06-07 22:47:24
When me and my family went to disney land, my sisters 11 & 16 and i was 15 we all wore diapers 24/7 for our 10 day trip. We weren't allowed to use the toilet. My mum all changed us like a baby. When we pooed in it we had to wait for mum to change us. My sister (16) did a poo in it once and she had to wait over an hour to get changed. We all enjoyed wearing diapers because we could just pee and poo when ever we want to. And we all had long hair down to our hips were it had to be up in a french braid all day.

Ethan wrote at 2015-06-16 13:12:41
My name is ethan and im 13 years old a stil in diapers 24/7. I wear a diaper anywhere including to school.We went out the other week and i wore a diaper at the shops.  As a boy my hair goes down to my waist. I wear it in a plait all the time.  

Ethan wrote at 2015-06-16 16:02:27
My name is Ethan aged 14. I wear diapers 24/7 including at school. I wee and poo in them. I went to disney land with my sisters katy 16 & Sarah 13 and my brother Sam 11. We all had the wear diapers and wait till our mom changed us. I was on the roller coaster and pooed my diaper. I got changed like a baby by lifting my legs up, un doing the tape, putting powder on and all that. My sisters both wore dressers so they had to be careful. All 4 of us have really long hair down past our waist so mom said we had to wear it in a single plait. All up my diaper got changed about 5 times throughout 9 hrs (10am - 7pm) and my mum changed diapers about 23 times altogether. All our diapers had pictures on the front. At the hotel room we all had to wear diapers 24/7 over 5 days. Our hair was all braided every day we were only allowed to have it out at the hotel. At the hotel we would usely just walk around it with a shirt and diaper on with our hair out. Diaper checks wear done every hour. It was so much easier to wear diapers i didn't use the loo once. We all loved it.

Michelle wrote at 2015-06-27 14:45:02
My husband (52) and I (49) planned a trip to Orlando about 4 months ago and planned to visit all the theme parks,

I told my husband that I'd prefer he wear an adult diaper with plastic pants since

he's been having accidents at night and sudden urges and accidents during the day,

he has been diagnosed and given medicine for this but it's not 100%

and I wanted a guaranteed solution to accidents showing through the pants.

The vacation went well, he did well in diapers 24/7, so well in fact I kept him in diapers

for the whole vacation, and told him a few days before returning home that I think he did

better in diapers than without and told him I wanted him to continue wearing them.

4 months later still in diapers, no more soiled bed sheets, clothing to wash,

adult disposables do cost money but the added expense is worth the time it took

to constantly do laundry.

on a side note, I also had accidents at times and decided that I didn't

want him to feel alone or isolated in this, so I decided to start wearing diapers

just before our vacation as well, and continue to wear them today.

My decision to start wearing diapers at the same time did ease his

concerns about being back in diapers.

we've both decided that with our both having accidents at times

that we'd both be better off staying in diapers 24/7  

Wet wrote at 2015-07-04 01:18:23
When I was 15 I wet my pants while waiting in line for space mountain. My parents took me back to the hotel room where I got cleaned up. Once I was dressed, mom suggested the idea of diapers for me for Knott's Berry Farm and 6 Flags. I was reluctant at first but the more they talked about it the more it seemed to make sense, so I eventually agreed. We went out and bought me some Pampers and as soon as we got back to the hotel mom put one on me and I LOVED IT! I insisted on wearing it out to dinner so I could 'get used to it'and wet myself halfway through dinner (and no one knew). When we got back to the hotel and I was getting ready for bed mom 'discovered' my wet diaper and put me in a new one for bed and although it was damp before I fell asleep I completely soaked it when I woke up in the morning and it felt amazing. On our way to Knott's Berry Farm I decided that I wasn't going to even attempt to use a toilet all day. Halfway through the day mom caught on and asked me if I was even trying to reach the washrooms. I stared at my feet for a while before I asked her if she'd be mad if I said 'no'. So I used my diaper for everything and for the next 3 summers I was in diapers 24/7.

Barney wrote at 2015-10-04 22:03:47
I am stunned at those posting here that have such a bias against diapers. They are incredibly convenient and make any situation like theme parks, long car rides, movies, etc. so much easier to deal with. I will admit I didn't like " needing" diapers when I wet my bed as a teenager but I hated the fact I wet in my sleep. The nights I would forget or neglect to put a diaper with plastic pants on I really regretted my soaked bed, blankets, pillows, and the entire mess. Diapers are not baby items but a very logical means of responsibly handling any wetting situation or when time and location where practicality dictates. I also had a tendency to leak some during the day growing up and "hated" thinking anyone would notice my wet pant spots. There weren't convenient pull ups or depends briefs when I grew up and think today with all the choices in the disposable arena, it's probably a great idea to use diapers whenever the need dictates. If your family chooses to protect your kids with diapers, so what. I would have liked to have had the choice when I was age 5-15 or so opting for the daytime convenience of a diaper. What is very important however is cooperation of your children. As I said if it's a family thing and treated as a convenience item I'm sure no one would mind, especially after they try it and find out how easy it makes things.

Kate wrote at 2015-12-08 00:29:22
I went to DW last summer, when I was 15. My parents made me wear a pull-up, which at first I was mad about, but was happy with later. What happened was I was in line for Space Mountain, which was a 2 hour wait. I went to the bathroom beforehand before we got on the ride. I was with my sister who was 13 at the time and she was also in pull-ups. Anyway, I had a ton to drink during the wait, and before I knew it I had to pee, and so did my sister. I was literally squirming by the time the line had 15 minutes left. I asked my sister if she had to pee, but it was obvious because she was seriously squirming and had a worried look on her face. I told my mom that my sister and I had to pee, but she said that we would make it. Oh, my famous last words. I looked at my sister about two minutes later and her face told me she didn't make it and she wet her pull-up. I didn't say anything, fearing I would embarrass her. Then about another 2 minutes later, I was doing the potty dance. It was at that point when I knew I wouldn't make it. I looked down and silently wet my pull up. I was SO glad that my parents made me wear it, or I would have been humiliated in front of everybody- just think, a 15 year old who has wet pink tights.

Parents, pull-ups are an absolute must for DW because if it can happen to a 15 year old who hasn't had an accident since she was 5, it can happen to anybody. As long as there's lines one hour and beyond, something will happen sooner or later, so it's better your prepared when you do feel the sudden urge to pee and there's no way out.

Mom of 3 wrote at 2015-12-08 04:09:31
Hello I am a mother of three (6yr boy, 12+13girls) and I am super glad my husband and I decided to make the kids wear pull-ups. We went to Disney World, Universal Studios, and JFK space center and we had a non stress vacation because our kids had the pull-ups on (with a few exceptions). My youngest one put his on with no complaints, but it took a little convincing to get the girls into pull-ups but I told them "what if a boy sees you while you accidentally wet your pants?". Then they agreed. When we got to Disney World, the 6yr old wet his pull up 3 times, and the 12 year old once just because there was no way to get out of the line because we were waiting in an indoor line. But other than that there were no accidents. Then I decided the girls didn't have to wear them if they didn't want to, and the 12yr old said no she was keeping them, but the 13yr old said yes and (regretfully later) decided not to wear them because she thought they would show in the tights she wanted to wear the next day. We got to Universal and my 12yr old did perfect and didn't wet the pull up once. My 6yr old of course wet them a few times. But the worst part was my 13yr old. She said she needed to pee about one hour into the line of Spider-Man, and there was literally no way out and the line had another hour in it. About 10 minutes later she was squirming and I knew there was no way she'd make it. I whispered "if only you wore the pull up you could've been relieved by now.". I could tell she REALLY needed to go. I knew there wasn't another way to say this, but I told her that it's okay and we'd never see these people again. She nodded at me and looked away. Five seconds later there was a dark patch rolling down her pink tights. I gave her my sweatshirt to wear around it and she looked miserable. After that ride we went back to the hotel and she gave us her pee stained tights and said she never wanted to see those again and asked us for pull-ups. Luckily, she was wearing them the next day because all three of our kids wet their pull-ups on the bus ride that was 2 hours long in JFK space center. They didn't seem to mind but were glad to have them on. Attention parents: pull ups are a must. At all 3 theme parks there are lots of places where you and your kids could be stranded with no bathroom. I would seriously recommend them so they don't go through what my 13yr old did.

Emily wrote at 2015-12-09 00:59:11
I peed my pants at Disney world and I'm so glad my parents made me wear pull ups.

chloe wrote at 2016-01-03 13:19:49
@emily: same happened to me, when i was 12 :( without pullups :((

how old was you?

Emily wrote at 2016-01-08 01:17:32
@chloe, I was fifteen when it happened, I was super embarrassed. But looking back on it, it was kinda funny. If I wasn't wearing them, I'd be wet ALL down my jeans. So glad for pull ups. Did it flow all the way down for you, or was is now much?

nuk wrote at 2016-01-12 08:35:42
When ABDLs invade websites. I don't believe any of these posts. They're just so far fetched.

I hate when bigger sites get invaded. Makes us look bad.  

Gregory wrote at 2016-06-10 19:01:00
It is very common for kids to have accidents as well as kids to where the protection that they need. This is a video of a child who admits that they had an accident and there was nothing they can do about it.

Jamaica wrote at 2016-09-25 04:11:07
I took my then 9 year old son to Disneyland several years ago.  We flew there on an airplane, rented a car, and stayed in a hotel.  It never occurred to me to ask him to wear a diaper.  I was never in diapers for any reason after being potty trained as a young child (probably 1-3 years of age).  Interesting, I never thought anyone else was, either, except for those with viable physical or developmental infirmities.  To me this is an issue of personal self-control and good decent living.  You put a diaper on someone and you're basically giving them an open invitation to use it.  After all, that's what it's for, right?  Seriously, diapers are meant for babies, and those who are infirm, as previously mentioned.  Anyone else using them makes no sense at all.  There is no logical reason for a person to pee and poop themselves who knows better.  Emotional weirdness aside, why would anyone in their right mind even want to walk around wearing their own pee or poop?  Even animals don't generally sit in their own poop.  Back to my story. . .  It never occurred to my son that he might need a diaper.  I didn't even consider using a diaper, either.  And, as it turned out, neither one of us ever needed one.  Surprise!  We both managed to find toilets when we needed them, and stayed nice and un-peed and un-soiled in our regular normal underwear the whole time.  I guess we're oddballs of some kind.  Either that, or this board has obviously become a favorite stopping point for the ABDL community.

EricSom wrote at 2016-12-04 21:56:26
A diaper is only something inappropriate if you taboo it. We always handeld daipers as something normal and helpful for our boys (9 and 11 yo) so they are used to them. They don't wear them often, but there is always an open bag in their room so they know that there are convenient situations have to trade their undies to their diapers. Situaitons like theme park visits are much relaxed if they are diapered. Also long car rides, ski-days or nights in other people's beds. Why disclaim something so helpful? I'll keep the diaper bags in thir rooms until they leave home.

Sapphires dad wrote at 2017-01-01 02:07:00
I have 3 on the Autistic spectrum and none of them ever wore Diapers past the age of 3

Even to theme parks .

I wonder those that wore diapers did they wear

Plastic pants over the diapers?.

clarice wrote at 2017-01-07 13:45:22
When we went to disney world,our two daughters,ages 11 and 13,wore the size 7 pampers cruisers diapers with rubberpants over them for added protection.They each wore their princess dresses and had disney print rubberpants on over their pampers.When they met Cinderella,the told her they each had disney print plastic pants on over their pampers!

Maggie wrote at 2017-02-16 01:35:01
We have not (yet) used diapers at Disney World, but my 16 year old daughter probably wishes we did! She occasionally has accidents, maybe every other months, but has peed her pants all 3 days we've been at Disney World now. I logged on to see if this is normal. I think I'll suggest to her dad that he go out and get her diapers. Crazy!

Emma wrote at 2017-03-05 13:14:24

Aww i feel sorry for your daughter, hope it become better.

did you get her diapers for the rest of the trip?

I had to do the same with my 14 year old niece, she got pullups from my 6 year old daughter

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