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Hello Sir! I'm having some serious problems with my height. I'm 5.3Ft and i'm going to turn to 19 this june of 2013. I have come across several height pills or surgeries or advices but they are  just expensive and doesn't work. I did stretching exercise for one month but that didn't help me out (I know that it should be done regularly but my exmas are near so i paused it till my exam gets over). My height is very important for my career. I don't want height to impress girls or to fit in the society. I want it to pursue my dreams. I know it will sound tough and crazy but i need a height close to 6Ft or more. I used to be a bright student but due to my personality issues i lost my focus on my primary duty. I know that its a natural phenomenon but i also know that science is next to nature and can do the wonders. So Sir please do suggest me some effective ways that will SURELY increase my height. I'm waiting.......

Hi Asoka,

I'm sorry to say if you are nearly 19, you may gain an inch or so, depending on how physically mature you are, but it is extremely unlikely you will ever achieve 6ft. Are you sure there is such a height restriction for your chosen career? If there is my only suggestion is to reconsider your chosen career path.

I'm sorry I cannot give you the answer you want to hear.


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