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Am an Algerian engaged with a Pakistanni who's living in the uk, we did our engagement with my family, and he was in love with me , he was begging me to marry him, now.. after our engagement, he completely changed and treating me worse day after day, and am sure the reason of this is the following two things :

1/ we faced a huge problem with our documents of marriage, and our authaurity required for mix mariage to attet and stamp his birth certeficate in Algerian Ebassy of Pakistan, cause he born there, the worse thing is he lives in the uk and dosen't know anybody in Pakistan to attest it for him.

2/ i like laughing and joking, and that irritates him, and he said that am silly and immature and not made for marriage, but simply i just want to have fun with the one i love...

i need help from you expert, cause we're in break up and don't know what to do, he's not calling me neither txting me nor to come family always asks about him, but i lie and say am talking to him, cause they will kill me if they know that he changed you know why?.....cause they were not agree on this marriage first place,
everybody in my relatives and of my neighboors know about this relation, and it will be so shame if we break up for my family and i'll kill my self if i don't marry him, i wanna save this mariage!!

Heeeeeelp plz!

Hello Kik8

Hurt emotions is a feeling that is most painful, and long lasting. Especially when a future  partner in marriage decides, for any reason, not to get married.

Of the many things I have learned over the years is that everything happens, good, and bad, for a reason. Many times you will not learn the reason until a long time into the future. And when you learn the reason, you say to yourself, "that is why it happen!" Nothing happens simply by chance. Everything is destined.

If your fiance has decided not to marry you, he is not going to tell you the real reason for making such a decision. People try to "save face" and give excuses they believe that others want to hear. Trying to pursue the truth, only makes them angry and more defensive.

Your sanity and mental stability is the most important thing to remember at this time. Chasing after someone that has decided to 'quit' on your relation only makes you more upset. Your health is damaged in the end. As for your relatives and your neighbors, tell them the truth! - HE decided not to get married. Any anger will be directed toward him. As you are now the victim.

Next is give yourself adequate time to mourn your losses and pain. You will have them. And it will take time to get over them.

Once you are at peace with yourself again, begin searching for another potential soul mate for your life. I am sure that there is many people out there equally looking for someone that is compatable to you. Having a sense of humor is a plus in any relationship. A person with out humor is a person that literally will drain you of your positive feelings.

I know that there is much sorrow now. But this happen for a reason. The why, you will learn later in life.

Remember; there is a million things you can have in life, and there is a million things you cannot have in life. Focus on what you CAN have.

Sorry for your pain and loss. Hope this helps.

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