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I am in class 10.Just giving final touch to board preparations.Iam topper throughout ,firstly it was a honour for me .But now situationis awful.I am too worried about what stream I would choose in 11.Since Iwas passionate for top grades earlier ,so I had not created likeness for any subjects.In one way I could gulp every thing of any subject suddenly I loses interest for every topic.THEN
i get confused in hobbies ,passion or likeness etc.
 Sir,kindly help to decide which subject I should choose.
       SIr, one more thing iwould like to ask is that
    can my ideas ,thoughts about my surroundings can help me anyway.   
 like what I think or idea come to my mind when I look piles of garbageand see on roadlight in day time etc.


There is no magic wand that will tell you what you should be studying.  There are some guidelines that I will share with you.  First and most importantly, you should be studying in some field where you have natural interest or natural talent.  You don't give me any hints about what you like so I will just have to make some suggestions.  

Do you like computers?  Do you like to interact with people?  Are you more into science or medicine?  You will need to think back to your childhood and figure out what you used to do for play time?  Where you always trying to organize your friends and playmates?  Did you try your hand at some business?  

The first thing to figure out is what you really enjoy doing.  You can ask yourself if I had no commitments or no obligations, what would I do?  This might take a little time but it is important that you figure out what you really enjoy doing.

The next thing you need to figure out is what are you good at.  You may be a natural at math.  Or writing may come natural to you.  

The point is that you need to focus on what you enjoy doing and what you are good at doing.  If you are good at something but don't enjoy it, then there is no point in doing that.  On the other hand if you really enjoy doing something but are no good at it, then you will have a difficult time making a living doing that.

There are plenty of test available on the Internet that you can take for free which will give you some insights into what you enjoy doing.  I would Google "strength finder test" and see what comes up that is free.  

As far as your ideas, I think that is the currency of the future - by that I mean the person who comes up with new and better ways to do things will always be in demand.  Most of your ideas will probably not work.  But get a notebook and write down each and every idea you come up with.  As you keep a list of your ideas, you will begin to learn which ones are valuable and which ones are not.

Hope this gives you something to work with.

Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.


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