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Hello, John,

I'm 24 years old and have been unemployed for several months now. However, I've recently realized that acting or performing is something I want to pursue for the next 4~5 years because I feel that I have great passion and potential in this area. Many people tell me that I am talented (including teachers).

My question is, how do I deal with all the pressures of a day-job and still push ahead with my passion? My background is in business but since I am not getting any job interviews, it might be a better idea to apply as a receptionist somewhere or even work at a restaurant for $10,000 ~ $20,000 less pay during the day, and just pursue my passion at night.

I guess I'm just scared .. I was once working for legitimate companies and had great potential to move up in those companies but ever since I started thinking about my passion more seriously, there's no way I can juggle 50,60 hour jobs and still have free time in the evenings to pursue what I love. So I guess I will have to give up all that and become a waiter, but it's just been scary for me.

Thank you in advance


As I read your question, the first thing that came to mind was the old saying, "You can have anything you want, but not everything you want."

Life is all about choices.  We have so many choices in life that we often get overwhelmed with the number of choices.  And as a result we often get stuck and fail to make a choice ... we procrastinate and life just seems to slip by.  

One of the first things you should do is to go a little deeper with the idea of acting/performing.  Why does that appeal to you?  What do you hope to gain from an acting/performing career?  What need does this fill?  The idea is to examine below the surface reasons you have given. Try to dig deeper as to why this is important to you.  No one can or should try to tell you what is important to you but you should have a solid understanding of why you want to do something.

The second thing to do is to examine the price you will need to pay to pursue acting/performing.  What will you have to give up to focus on an acting career?  Are you willing to "pay the price"?  

I assume you are not responsible for supporting someone else.  So that is good.  But if you are living with your parents or are being supported by someone else, there might be a price to pay.  They may feel that they have a say in what you do.  You need to be clear about that and have a way to deal with it.

The other thing I think you need to focus on is why you have been unemployed for a number of months.  Are you consciously or even unconsciously doing something that is intereferring with getting a job? Are you limiting the jobs you are looking at?  Are you unreasonable in the salary requirements?  Are you limiting your job search by the location you are willing to work in?  I think it would be helpful for you to really understand what is going on.  The job market has improved in the last few months.  My question is there anything going on with you that is blocking you from getting or taking a job?  You need to get clear about this.

Once you have worked through these questions, I think you should have better clarity about your future.  We often are afraid because we are not really clear about how we should proceed in life.  Once we get crystal clear, our fears should subside.  

One other thing to keep in mind - if you are not responsible for anyone else - and you choose to pursue acting/performing, get clear about the downside.  What is the worst that can happen?  It is probably spending a couple of years of your life testing your passion.  At 24 years of age, that is not a huge cost.  I realize time is our most precious asset.  But it is fairly inexpensive to spend a couple of years at 24.  It becomes cost prohibitive when you are in your 40s and have a family.  So now is the time to take the risk.  If it doesn't work out, you can always double down on your efforts in the business world.  Once you have giving acting/performing a chance, you will no longer have that lingering in the back of your mind.  You will be totally focused on business or whatever else you choose.

To recap.  Think about your why.  Dig deeper and understand the reason.  Know what it will cost to be successful and make sure you are willing to pay the price.  Also get clear about why you have been unsuccessful with finding a job.  Then if you still feel totally committed to acting/performing - go for it.  Realize that bombing out is not failure, it is simply learning from the experience and then being willing to move on with your life.

Hope this gives you something to think about.


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