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I am 22 female single. I have been secretly in love with a guy for the past 4 years. I fell for him at first sight and since then i believe in love at first sight. I still love him and my love for him did not change these 4 years even without talking to him. He lives in some other city and he doesn't know i love him and i want to marry him.may be he doesn't know who i am. We never talked to each other but twice i made a fake account on facebook and tried to talk to 1st try i was failed at second try i felt if he is a little flirt. But i still love him. I even told my mom about my love for him but she didnt help me in any way. We dont have some good family terms with the family linking us two and my mom said this will be a great shame if they found out you love him.i am shy and i cant show him who i am because of that family thing. But i want to marry him.  Also i am afraid if he came to know who i am and will break the news in the family as i dnt know him much n i dont trust ppl easily. I dont know if i tell him who i was will he like me or not..i just cant tell him who i am but i want to tell him my feelings at the same time. I m just so confused. I cant think of letting him go.plz help me out asap.

Please understand that love and marriage are two different things.
You can love a person secretly but you can't marry him secretly.

So first decide what you want to do?
To confirm, you can frankly ask that guy if he have any feelings and desire to marry you or not.

If not then do not try more. It will hurt you but you will be fine.

If he also want to marry you then you both can try to convince your parents for your marriage.

Parents are those who bring you in this world so always respect their feelings and blessings.

First step is to confirm with him if he have any feeling for you or not ... If not directly then you can ask in many other ways ..

All the best..

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