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Hi. Sir.    I am a student of 12 th Std or in high school. I am confused about choosing my carrier.
I want to join Engeenering or navy so which should I choose


Blame your confusion on ALL of us. People did not want a simple and easy life free of choices. We wanted LOTS of choices. So now that we have got them, we are all totally confused. Too-many-choices!!

Engineering is a great career to go into. You can become part of the Navy to learn a trade, and your time in the navy will pay for you go to college after wards and get your degree in engineering.

As for employment, engineers have two employers;

1. Private industry. You will work long hours and work holidays and weekends. The money is great, but your entire life is the job. If this is for you, then seek employment in the field of businesses.

2. Government. You still make good money, but you also receive long-term employment with amazing benefits. And your hours? Monday-Friday, usually 8 to 5 pm. Never weekends, never holidays, never over time. You have a mix of career and a personal life.

My office was next to the engineering department for 25 years in a local government. I would see engineers quit; to go to private industry for more money, only to come back 3 months later because they LIKED the 40-hour work week that the government offered. Money is good, but you need to have a life, too.

Much success in your life and career.

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