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Hi David,

I think we have spoken a little over a year ago and I remembered you gave me the best advice ever! Writing things down and guess what? I still have the list stashed away somewhere and will not open up until I feel like I have accomplished the things that I want.
I am 28 years old and I feel like I am stuck. I know I am doing a fantastic job and manefesting with the things that I have. I am very poor but I dress like I make a fortune! I know how to handle money and I am good with it.
I volunteer as a stylist on Tuesday evenings, do a lot of volunteer work for charities and was asked to be on the youth professional board for another organization but apparently the slots were filled before they could even say yes. Still I will be involved but won't be on the board. I was asked by another organization to be their guest in TN and I was treated like a star. A wonderful experience!
I have been working with more photographers since I am a parts model on the side.
I work full time for the city in manhattan on a contract so no benefits and I get paid 12.49 an hour. How can you live like that? I have a bachelors degree and graduated right when wall street crashed. I couldnt find a job for two years!
Anyway I know I am doing great, I meditate everyday and visualize what I want to attract and I feel like I have the foundation to get the other things I want but not so sure why it is taking so god damn long? I have a job coach and been going on interviews but still it is a long process and I want to get an awesome job that pays a salary that I deserve! I got a job offer as a director of wardrobe for a small production company in NYC but at this moment I am doing freelance for them and the pay sucks! Once he gets his shows on the air, gets sponsors and I will get the full time job with salary. He is successful and a good friend of mine who I trust and makes things happen.
Not in a relationship because I feel like I can't afford to be in one because I am not financially grounded yet. Its silly but so true!
My question to can you tell if things are coming your way? Why taking so long!? I don't want to be 30 years old and be in the same place working with mentally unstable uneducated people who are jealous of all of the neat things I have been doing! I hope things come my way and some nights I cry myself to sleep because I overwork myself and I still havent' even experienced what it is like to be a privleged young adult or to go out and have fun! I can't afford to have fun. :(

Hello again, Alison

Glad my advice has been helpful to you.

The one aspect of writing down what you want in your life that makes all of us "crazy," is trying to put a calendar against your goals. We all want-it-now, but some times things just take time, some a really long time, to come true for us. We never know the 'WHEN,' just that what we want, all that we want, will come true for us.

What I read in your comments is that you are 'planting seeds,' making contacts, and so-on, to establish a foundation for your career, and your future. AND living in New York City, will give you more employment opportunities than any where else for someone in your career goals. NYC is the center of your industry. Again, time will prove you successful.

Along with a job coach, be sure to use the service of ALL employment agencies in your city. They have many job openings that you will not be aware of under normal channels like internet, newspaper, and so on.

Thanks for writing a second time. You are the first!

Have a great week.

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