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so i'm a senior just getting out of highschool and going to college at university of miami at the start of the 2nd semester. to get in with my 2.8 gpa i put down that i was going to major in polisci as it went well with the fact i was in mock trial for 5 years. now, the problem is, i have absolutely no idea what i want to major in, not because i can't choose or don't know what i want to do, but because i have quite literally 0 motivation to learn anything. and its the same with normal life. for a long while i've been wanting to learn japanese, but i never got the motivation to actually learn it. and when i did it was just too flippin' hard and i gave up. same with poker. i was thinking about majoring in like creative writing or something, but the classes would be way too hard, i'm a slow writer, so any inclass essays would just be my downfall, and im the worst person in the world at time management. i'm also terribad at writing about things that don't interest me. which is 90% of things. so right now i'm just burning time, rotting away reading books of other's awe inspiring successes and i wish i could do those things but i can't. so uh, any advice?

Hello Andrew

Let's start with education and employment.

100 years ago people lived around 35 years. And then life was over, finished. They were in a "race" to get an education, get a job, and then die. Forget retirement.

Today people live to around 95-100. But we are still in the "mind-set" of getting an education quickly because by age 25, if you do not have a full-time job, your life is over!

I, personally, got married at 18. Enrolled in college at 21; evening classes, one class per sememster, and graduated at age 33. Age 35 I got a career and worked a fantastic career for 25 years. Bottom line here; some people finish college quickly, others just take time. Not everyone can do the 4-years-and-then-graduate schedule.

Now WHAT to major in? Do some homework. Do you want to work locally (Miami area), somewhere else in Florida, or elsewhere. Indoors all the time, outdoors all the time, or a mix of both? How about a trade now, then college later? Read about what jobs (not job titles) require and write down the work environment you want to be in.

I wrote down office, company car, view of a lake, business cards, and my own phone. I got a job working as administrative support for a water plant. NEVER would have guessed that one! 25 years, the car, the lake view, the phone, at $35 per hour.

Look up Workforce Development Centers where you live. They know who is hiring, and what jobs are hiring. FORGET college counselors. They exist to sell degree programs. Our local college has a nice new building to teach people how to work at a nuclear power plant. Too bad no one is hiring in that profession.

Try out different jobs. Learn as to which ones you like, which ones you hate. I learned that I could never be a boss. When my boss was out, I did his job. Wine-y people and meetings that the speaker never got to the point! Boring to tears. Not for me. Other people love those pointless meetings. Each is different.

Consider really different jobs. I wanted a life where I worked 8 - 5. I ended up working 7 - 3:30. Which was great. Missed all the morning and evening traffic. I read about a guy who retired to Tampa, Florida who went to college and got a 2-year degree in Restaurant management. He then started working in a restaurant at a professionally trained waiter. So he could get jobs at expensive restaurants.

Every 1-2 years, he would go work for a different restaurant. Starting out at age 24, he retired at age 70. Worked in all of the States, Canada, Mexico, and 32 countries around the world. Each place he worked at, he would go on a moped on his days off and tour the sights, taking photos of everything. Had a photo of him with over 400 photo albums in his retirement apartment. While traveling, he shipped his photo albums to a storage facility. When retired, he took all his albums out, sat down, and said "Damn,I had a great life."

Now he has a girlfriend, age 69. Lives in California. No regrets.

Same for me. I am retired now. Retired at 60. I am now age 62. Doing the life - still - exactly as I planned. Today my life is the gym and Mickey D's for lunch.

May YOU have a wonderful life too. It is possible. It all starts with doing.

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Since age 13, I have always know what I wanted in life. And with persistance, time, patience, determination, stubbornness, and WRITING DOWN exactly what I wanted in life, I have achieved almost everything I wanted in life. Knowing EXACTLY what you want in life changes everything! You have direction, purpose, and are excited about each day. Other people can 'advise' you, but YOU decide what you want your life to be!


I retired at age 60. So I sat down to write down the next 60 years of my life. Now I am age 62. Does NOT include going to McDonald's at 7 AM and demanding a free cup of "Senior Coffee." I do not need coffee to live. I have exercising.

I have an Associate of Science Degree in General Busines

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