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QUESTION: hello sir

regarding to your experience , why someone owe one talent can be successful than someone owe lot of talents and interests , I deduced that the first concentrate on one track and other be distracted all the time

so whats is the wisdom for someone owe multi-talents and interests despite of he may couldn't achieve anything on his life because of distraction he involved in ?

some experts said the multi talented person have to make a plan for managing his talents , OK thats good , but the person who owe one talent can make plan too for his life regarding finance , family , relation ship , profession etc................ , so the winner who owe one talent and use it , please comment ?

why someone owe lot of talents and engaged his mind and involve on lot things and exert effort on many circles has no achievement while the single talented his life is settle , successful and calm also he didn't exert lot of effort  ?

why the multi talented person his life is complicated and fill with hurdles , while the single talented person his life simple and smooth ?

I m the multi talented and interests person , who suffer and watching people around him excel upon him while they haven't have of his talent and knowledge at least from point of society view

hope you find answers

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: Hello,

Being Multi-talented is a good thing but if confused in between your multi-talents then its create confusion.

For ex: If you can do a lot of things perfectly (multi talent) and you can do multi-tasking then you are not dependent on other people for many things but you have to recognize that which talent you can use the most for your living and what talent you can use for your own hobby and fun. This will control your confusion.

The talent who can earn you good money will serve as your best talent and that make you successful. For other people they are successful (depends on your definition of successful) is they categorized there talent i.e. which is for earning and which is for personal life.

Do that categorization of your talent and then use your talent more beneficial/perfect way and you will see you are also successful .

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ok thats I know

but the problem is when you have or realize that you are interesed on many things can earn you living , also there are other I want to do all my whole life ?

whats if the thing you want to do on your whole life or your purpose in , cannot earn a living

for instance if you want to make creations let people develop and be happy on their live like writing screenplays , theater play , books , etc . or you want to create and arrange an orchestral music gather between lot of cultures , or have a project or researches to develop and improve arts on my society , if you observed the things I mentioned is supreme dreams , cannot earn through them , I m ready to exert lot of efforts and consum my time for achieving that , but on other hand what to do for earning a living

the egg and chicken problem ?

hope you find answers

I will start with reference to your line:

whats if the thing you want to do on your whole life or your purpose in , cannot earn a living

My Question:
Do you think, you can survive whole life without living?

Living includes but not limited to: Food, shelter and clothes etc.

This question should answer your query.

Food, shelter and clothes are basic necessity of life for survival. If you can fulfill it by any means then you are good to explore other areas.  

How to Get What You Want in Life

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