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My name is Amy and ever since I was little I've loved art and animals. Now I'm tied. I'm planning to go to university but I don't know what course to do. Either I go for a really creative art subject and go into game design. I'm pretty sure the demand is quite high, I've got some good skills I can offer and all throughout school I've been really good at art. However, the I'm unsure how much actual art you can do on these courses, and whether it's really specific or not. I wouldn't want that. OR I go for the biology area. In my biology A-level at the moment, I'm struggling to get the grades. We have been learning about cells and human biology. This is not my thing. I would much rather learn about evolution and genetic diversity. This I have always been good at and I took environmental science when I was younger. However, this is not enough to keep up a good grade so my overall grade is around a C or D. I love the look of the animal science courses on the uni websites but my grades would limit me and I don't even know if I'm that capable.
What should I do? Thanks


You are the best person to judge your capabilities. I have not met you or I do not know you so can not discuss your capabilities.

As per the trend, I can suggest you to go for coding, software and computer science. As art is of your interest then you can also go for animation, apps and games.

Hope this helps.

All the best.


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