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QUESTION: hello sir

regarding to your experience , why someone owe one talent can be successful than someone owe lot of talents and interests , I deduced that the first concentrate on one track and other be distracted all the time

so whats is the wisdom for someone owe multi-talents and interests despite of he may couldn't achieve anything on his life because of distraction he involved in ?

some experts said the multi talented person have to make a plan for managing his talents , OK thats good , but the person who owe one talent can make plan too for his life regarding finance , family , relation ship , profession etc................ , so the winner who owe one talent and use it , please comment ?

why someone owe lot of talents and engaged his mind and involve on lot things and exert effort on many circles has no achievement while the single talented his life is settle , successful and calm also he didn't exert lot of effort  ?

why the multi talented person his life is complicated and fill with hurdles , while the single talented person his life simple and smooth ?

I m the multi talented and interests person , who suffer and watching people around him excel upon him while they haven't have of his talent and knowledge at least from point of society view

hope you find answers

thanks and best regards

It's true that people who focus on becoming a master in one area have it easier than people who try to focus on too many things. But your happiness depends on your goal. I happen to be one of those people who like to do many things. Focusing on one thing would bore me and I'd feel like I was missing out if I didn't pursue other interests. However, if your goal is to excel at one thing, then you'll need to develop the discipline to focus on it until you achieve your goal.

You must consider whether you have genuine interests in many things or are just easily distracted by things that look like might they might be interesting.

There is a good book by Barbara Sher called Refuse to Choose, which is for people who have many interests and a desire to pursue them all.

Leslie Truex

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QUESTION: thank you leslie

I had known this book , on other way , I was in contact with Barbara Sher

till now I didn't purchase it , but I intend to

I understood from your sound and also deduced  that make plan for each talent and interest and execute it on sequence and start with the most appropriated with my recent personal circumstances

for instance if my recent personal circumstances let find a job on HR career to earn money then in beside writing my first completed screenplay and market it or making my super module of miniature/diorama design by applying for contest , then taking my music creation lessons so on , at all I want this took from me lot of efforts before , connecting all my experienced talents and interests and desires and purpose to got my priorities or you deal with me

last thing about own your business whether online or ordinary , are you recommend to own business on something I m interested in also talent , or anything I have knowledge with

thanks and best regards

Hello AJ,
Yes, if you plan to pursue many things, it's best to do them one at a time. And recognize that when you add a new thing, you'll dilute your efforts on other projects, which you need to take into consideration.

The nice thing about owning a business is that you get to dictate the rules, but you need a plan and to work the plan to make them successful.

Good luck.

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