How to Get What You Want in Life/How to Get What You Want in Life



I have over 100 college credits completed in general studies; and I speak foreign language. I am looking for work that does not requires experience, I want to continue my education, but I am undecided what to choose, I don't like taking any science, math,  laboratory, or machine training. I love serenity and quiet environments, and I need something that will allow me to enter work without previous experience and with just college education. I lived in Michigan for 11 years and I had very bad luck with jobs because everything here requires several years experience I am thinking about relocation, so please provide me with necessary contact information and details.


it is great that you want to continue your studies, but you need to ask yourself what you truly want to do in life as a profession, what makes you happy, why don't you try to apply at a small office job or perhaps work form home there are many options out there, if you need further imput you can contact me at my site which is marked in my portfolio thank you Ashley

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